Taking care of animals this time of year, warmth is a requirement.  Heat lamps are a good way to provide direct heat to the little ones.  There is only one kind of heat lamp worth messing with–the Premier brand.  Got to to find this heat lamp.  You don’t have to worry about catching the place on fire with this heat lamp.  They aren’t cheap, but they are worth it.  Hide the cord in the panel and have no fear using this lamp.  (How is it that a doe can bite through a plugged in cord and not get electrocuted?)

Throw those aluminum canopy lamps away.  Those things have burned down a pile of barns.

      The only problem I have found with this lamp is that at some point they quit working.  I have several dead soldiers piled in a box.  Last night, I came home and several  more had given up life.  I loaded a pile of them up and headed to Tyke’s.  He had bought some internal replacement parts for these lamps.  It took us a little while to figure out the first, but after a while, we renewed life to a bunch of heat lamps that are back in operation.  We actually used screwdrivers like we knew what we were doing.  No goats were called last night.