The weather is not.  It is cold, real cold 12 F  with a north wind that hits about 25 mph.  I don’t know the wind chill, nor care.  All I know is that it is not fun.  Had a couple of calves born yesterday, I hope their ears are okay.

The wethers got worked and the kidding barn is ready.  Time to go back to work.  Looked at a fun set of wethers today.  When somebody calls and says they want to bring wethers on a day like this, there is only one thing to say, “Come on, the heater is on.”  It was fun seeing showman that have been working to get better.  It was also fun to see the “Holy Shit!”  trailer.

I don’t move fast right now, but I am still going.  Stayed hooked all day.  The stock has drank and has full bellies.  I would bet that from 7 am to 7 pm that they were warmer than I was.

Now, I am inside.  It took a bit to warm up but the Dragon Lady cooked a dang good warm meal.  Pork loin, mac & cheese, ranch beans with Texas toast and honey.  Lots of carbs to warm a soul.

And to further the warming process, I took a bath.  Yes, a bath.  I like a dang hot bath.  It warms one from the toes to the nose.  I even got the Mrs. to put some kind of oils & epsom salts in it that makes your skin feel like it fits.  I don’t like it when it itches, is dry and feels too tight.  I guess this oil is like putting Russ’ Rag Oil and kleen sheen into a calf’s hair.  It moisturizes the skin and somehow the hair is still clean.

I know that I might catch some hell for taking a bath but I like being in water.  I guess it goes back to my younger days.  Dad taught each of us boys to swim the same way.  He would jump into the deep end of the pool while holding one of us onto his shoulders.  He would warn us to hold our breaths until we got back to the top.  Then, he would jump in and wouldn’t let go until he touched the bottom.  Then, panic stricken, we would swim like hell to the top.  It worked as all of us boys can swim and hold our breath for quite a bit.  I don’t swim like a dolphin.  More like a penguin.  It isn’t uncommon for my crew to go get a motel room for a night, just so Duke and I can swim during the winter months.  If it wasn’t so much upkeep, we would have a pool.  Cheers and have you a DEW.  Not a mountain dew.  I don’t think that this stuff came from a mountain unless Tullamore is a mountain.  I’m guessing it is probably more like a hill.  But it is smooth.  Once again, you can blame my father.

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