Wallet War

Last Friday, at lunch, we ate our traditional meal on the premium sale day of OYE–Cattleman’s.  It was good.  Real good.  While there, Tammy asked me what I thought of the goat show, the judge and my general thoughts.  Well, here are those thoughts.

I thought the kid judging did a very good job finding the right class winners.  I thought that the grand, reserve and bronze patterned up as well as any trio in several years.  I did feel like there was NOT any dirty pool going on.  It felt clean.  No rumors before, during or after.  Sure, Pfeiffers won three of the four divisions.  You know what, they would have won if I would have been judging.  Those goats were good and well presented.

Now, I have no explanation for some of his 2nds through 10th.  There are some subpar goats in the premium sale.  Some of these are tied to me.  I came home with some bad ass goats that somehow got lost in the mix. Okay, fine.  I’m not negative.  A judge that did a timely job of getting the right ones to the top end while not playing politics–basically he needs to judge more shows.

While at Cattleman’s, Duke made this comment.  “Dad, this goat showing has turned into a wallet war.”  He is right.  The division champs were all high dollar critters.  Why?

The genetic pool of good ones is a small pool.  Really just a wading pool.  This makes everyone want those couple of magical goats.  I get it.  I am guilty.

Duke, Tammy and I knew that we couldn’t get much done in Texas anymore.  Plenty were lining up to drop a pile at Pfeiffers.  So, I did what I had never done.  I dropped a pile on a Hail Mary.  How much?  Well, more than most of you spend on bucks.  I wanted to buy a steer but Duke said nope.  So, I bought a goat that was cool, extreme and a borderline structural wreck.  It didn’t work out.  I’m not mad.  My kids have shoes and will continue to eat.  Was it a stupid purchase?  Sure.  And now that I am done with it, I am better equipped to advise people on how to spend their money.  Kind of like going to college.  This education cost me some tuition money but I know more now.  WAY more!  Anytime, any of you clowns are trying to decide whether to twist off or not, call me.  I have a whole new perspective about this industry and all the other crap that goes with it.

Did I get customer service with this purchase?  NO!  NONE!  But, that may be my fault.  I guess people are scared of me.  I have always provided top end service to anybody that was tied to me.  No matter what.  I realize that I am a dumb ass.  We did not need help while at OYE.  RUSM?  Braden and Travis Schovanec, Tom Kester, Bryan Kennedy as well as Duke and myself.  We had plenty of help there.  However, for dollars spent, make a trip, or two,  during the winter and make sure people are happy.  If for no other reason, act like you give a shit.

I’ve sold a $10,o00 wether before and I didn’t like.  Hell, I gave that buyer a $3,500 Helms goat and a $2,500 Brandon Evans goat.  In the end, they had 3 wethers for $10,000.  It still didn’t work out, but guess what?  We are still friends.  Yes, I am a dumb ass.  But I am fine with that.

And in the end, the Boyers followed instructions, worked hard, fed from a low-rent breeder in Nebraska (Yes, that guy) and won their district show and made the sale at OYE.  This puts me in a good humor.

As a breeder, ag teacher, parent, friend, whatever–I do not want this goat showing deal to be a wallet war.  It already is.  And I understand it.  And as a result, this old fart has not purchased a goat yet.  But, I have bought some steers and heifers.  Why? They are cheaper.  Seriously.

I hope that none of you readers take negativity from this post.  I’m not mad.  In fact, I’m in a good humor.  I hauled Kaylee Holt and Duke to the NorthWest Area Star interviews today.  Kaylee is now the NW Area Star in Placement and Duke is the NW Area Star in Agribusiness.  These meatheads interview for the state star next week.  Great kids.  I think that is a great ending line for tonight.  Great kids!

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