Today is election day.  No matter what, tomorrow will be a good day as we won’t have any more dang election ads.  However, I have a feeling that it will be a while before the loser of the presidential election is done contesting the votes.  Especially, with that mess in New York.  They will have that deal screwed up like a pile of coat hangers.  Throw in a few shitty lawyers and it will take a little time for them to sort crap out.  Hanging chads might seem mild compared to what we are about to see.  Especially if your (not mine) current president gets beat tonight.

     Speaking of hanging chads.  I went to the Fargo town hall to vote this morning.  I got there at 7:06 am.  There was about 30 people already there.  I waited my turn in line, took my ballot and proceeded to vote.  I hesitated on who to vote for on county sheriff.  I don’t really want either one, but we have to have one or the other.  I got my ballot all marked and took it to the scanner.  It beeped loudly, kicked it back and flashed “Spoiled Ballot–County Sheriff”.  As neither candidate is very good, I agreed that the ballot was spoiled from the start.  The ladies jumped up, didn’t know what to do, so they had me run my ballot again.  Sure enough same message and it kicked my ballot back to me.  I looked closer.  Where I had hesitated on one name, the pen had left a small dot in that box.  Even though the other box was completely colored in, it wouldn’t take it. 

     At this point, the elderly ladies that run the polling place weren’t sure as to what the proper protocol was to fix this dilemma.  They couldn’t look at my ballot.  They wouldn’t let me use white out.  Just to make matters worse, my cell phone rang, which wouldn’t be a problem except that my ringtone is AC/DC Thunderstruck and it is kind of loud.  With a spoiled ballot in one hand and a pen in the other, I couldn’t just quickly turn the ringer off.  This kind of threw the senior citizens into a tizzy.  So, they finally had me sign a spoiled ballot form and destroy the ballot.  Then I got a fresh one.  Like a kid marking all “C”s on their ACT test, I hurriedly marked the right answers.  “No” on all the judges and most of the state questions.  Voted for the right president.  Made dang sure that I didn’t leave any extra marks on this ballot and then stuck it back into the scanner.  All good–this time.  Just think what kind of problems could arise when somebody is actually wanting to cause problems. 

     No matter who you vote for, get your donkey to your polling place and VOTE!  And GOD bless us, no matter what happens.

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