Vote 4 President!

I like to follow sports.  I enjoy the storylines.  Although, the Dragon Lady and I follow the St. Louis Cardinals, it was hard to not cheer for the Cubs to win the world series.  I’m glad that their curse is broken.  

When Law & Order:SVU gets done at 5 am, I flip the channel to 143 and watch Mike & Mike in the Morning.  According to this bastion of valid information, the Cubs parade was the 7th largest gathering of humans EVER.  It was the largest sports related gathering, but fell behind a couple of funerals and festivals in India, Iran, Iraq and a pair of deals in the Phillipines that involved the Pope.  So, I guess with the given culture of the lovable losers, all of these are a religious gathering.  

Mike & Mike try to stay non-political on this show.  However, they came up with a valid deal.  Golic wants to write Theo Epstein in on the presidential ballot.  Epstein was the general manager of the Red Sox when they broke the Bambino curse and now he is the GM of the Cubs as they broke the billy goat curse.  As Golic stated, “There is only one place left for Theo Epstein to succeed.  And that is as the President of the United States. ”  I don’t know Epstein’s poliitcs, but he has to be better than this other mess that is waiting to be flushed.  

No matter which candidate that you don’t like, get out and vote on Tuesday, Nov. 8.  It is our duty and right to vote.