Duke has joined a wrestling program in Shattuck, America.  It is ran by a local guy that has kids that wrestle and he coaches the kids–FOR FREE.  It is really a neat deal.  Every Tuesday and Thursday evening, this guy gives his time to teach these kids the sport of wrestling.  A lot of these kids have several years of experience and Duke doesn’t.  But he is learning fast.

     Last night, Shattuck had a dual match with Woodward at the Woodward High School gym.  Duke had his first match.  He even had an intense look on his face.  Victory was his.  He didn’t pin the kid, but he did wallow him all over the mat and won decisively.  He was pumped.  It was fun watching these little kids go at.  Several of the kids were outmatched, but wrestled hard and kept from getting pinned.  He better not get cocky, or he will run into a kid in the near future that will tuck him up so fast and tight that he will get to smell his own crack.

     Dad and my brothers have always enjoyed wrestling–or wrasslin.  Being true OSU fans, we keep up with the wrestling team and try to attend a match or two at Stillwater.  Duke has always enjoyed going and watching.  As I’ve been known to have a story or two, I have several involving wrestling.  There is the time I got pinned in 17 seconds (that guy STUNK bad!!).  There is also the Bulldog Nelson and the Octopus. 

     Not much else new in the goat world today.  Rumour is watching a pen of Dad Gum Bob’s does, waiting for them to come into heat so I will open the gate and let him have at it.  From one male to the other, I hope today is his lucky day.  I’m pretty sure the gate to my pen will stay closed.

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