I may or may not have mentioned to a person that I would like to get some NuFlor to give a pig.  I know, I know that it isn’t labled for pigs, but it works when Draxxin or Baytril have failed to knock the “barn cough” out of one.  This friend may or may not have mentioned a way to get it.  He told this story.

I went to the vet and said, “I need some Micotil.”  

  The vet asked for what.  

I told him that I had a heifer with foot-rot.  

The vet replied, “Micotil isn’t labeled for foot-rot.”

He then asked, “Well then what the heck (not the actual words used, but) is Micotil labeld for?”

The vet replied, “Pneumonia.”

He then said, “Well, this heifer dang sure has pneumonia but she also has a real bad limp.”  


I’m not against paying attention to off-label drug use, but….   Because of research costs, most drugs are only labeled for a few select items.  Banamine is used in all species, by some/most vets, but it isn’t labeled for pigs, sheep or goats. The $s to research withdrawals, etc. in goats and sheep aren’t worth the sales.  These VFD are going to change the way some business is done. No matter what, there will be more paperwork.  On the vet side, feed sales side and producer side.  Huhnh?!  Smells like more government waste to me.  Somebody will have a job checking up on VFDs at feed dealers. Somebody else will have a job checking on Vet Clinics.  Somebody else will have…. I think that I will stop.  I have a headache.  It will be a PITA but we’ll learn to live with it.  Or we will all just end up being Florida alligator farmers.  IDK.