Veteran’s Day

      We went to the Shattuck Veteran’s Day program.  Shattuck has a long history of having an outstanding high school & junior high choir.  This year is no exception.  They put on a stellar program.  There is some real talent and Mrs. Dorsey gets that talent to shine.  Way cool deal!  Duke even sings.  They also had a very good speaker.  He was a retired military man that is native to Shattuck.  Outstanding evening.  Duke, Tammy and I then ventured over to Gusto’s for a little supper.  I had the grilled pork chop with the mac & cheese.  This is one of the better meals that you will find at a restaurant.  Of course, Duke ate the Big Pig sandwich.  Pretty good night in all.

     Huge thank you to all the veterans and current service men and women.  Our government may or may not respect our veterans like they should.  But it was truly an honor to watch our kids show respect to the veterans, our flag and to our GOD.  It is somewhat scary to realize that since 9-11-2001, our country has had our military in continuous conflict in Irag or Afghanistan.  Some of these kids that were singing tonight, were not even born when 9-11 happened.  It is with great respect and admiration that I say “Thank You” to all that have served or are serving.