Veteran’s Day!!

For starters, THANK YOU to all current and former men & women of the armed forces!!!   The American Way of Life is built upon the sacrifices of those that have and/or are currently serving.

I cannot understand any American that does not respect our Armed Forces.  You don’t have to like the government but there has to be respect for those that are willing to serve.  These people defend and preserve our rights.

Of course, there are quite a few military based movies on the tube tonight.  Here’s a quick list, feel free to text messages of where I screwed up.  No, I did not forget Major Payne.

Platoon, Hunt for Red October, Red Dawn & Inglourious Basterds are deserving.  Others, I haven’t seen so I didn’t comment.

11.  Saving Private Ryan–wicked opening, great story and the ending really ties it all back together.

10.  Kelly’s Heroes–All star cast with a unique story line.

9.   Stripes–I know, doesn’t really fit, but I like Bill Murray and a stupid story.

8.  A Few Good Men–what a collection of star power in this flick and an awesome plot.

7.   Good Morning Vietnam–One of my favorite Robin Williams flicks.  Lots of comedy combined with an

actual story.

6.  The Deer Hunter–scary movie that delves into the psyche and the toll that it can take.

5.  The Bridge on the River Kwai–extremely well made movie.  And that song that just makes you want to

whistle.  Yeah, you know the song.  And no it isn’t the same as the malt-0-meal tune.   Well, kind of.  It

is actually good reading to learn about the writer of this song and all of it’s transformations.  All in all,

a bad ass movie.

4.  Dr. Strangelove–One of the weirdest movies that you will ever see….but it makes one think.  Huge

characters.  And Slim Pickens riding the bomb–classic.  I never look for this film but can’t keep from

from watching it when it is on.

3.  American Sniper–I’ve only watched this one once and I still remember it vividly.  Lots of veterans were

in the audience.  Lots of respect and American pride was running rampant in that theater.    Well made.

2.  The Green Berets–one of the few films made where John Wayne’s character dies.  Great story.

My favorite, maybe not yours, but……my # 1 is…

1.   The Dirty Dozen–Wicked awesome ensemble for the cast.  Great story line and mission accomplished.

How many operations have been built like this?  Probably more than we care or need to know.


No matter your favorite, I have the utmost respect for those that have and are serving.  Salute and GOD speed to all serving… foreign or domestic or in harm’s way.  Thank you.  And thank you to the families of these brave women & men.    USA!!  USA!!   ‘Merica!!

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