Vacay & Gems–right close to home

We took a bit of a vacation this week.  Tammy, Duke, myself and Duke’s half Mexican brother went on an excursion.  Duke’s half Mexican brother is Korbyn Schick.  Just a joke–I grew up with Korbyn’s parents.  He has been around our house a bunch.  His dad works at school with me.  Duke had a snap chat video at the state championship football game with–as he called it with, “his half Mexican brother”.  Korbyn was an active FFA member–ag mechanics, opening ceremonies team, top end sausage seller and was the Chorus Manager for the State FFA Choir. Oh, and he was a 3 time state champion O Lineman for Shattuck.  Played in two all star games. Turned down small college football scholarships in order to go to the OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY.   Smart kid!

We made a stop at Eischen’s for fried chicken and fried okra.  I don’t eat much chicken but I will eat a fried chicken at Eischen’s.  I’m picky about my fried okra.  I will eat it at Eischen’s.  But it ain’t as good as the stuff I grow.  Sure, it sounds like I’m bragging but my okra is bad donkey stuff.  We got home and had okra ready to pick and cook.  Which we did. (We being–I planted and grow it, Tammy picks it, breads it and cooks it)  I was reminded why I was right.  It’s good.  If you are an okra eating fan, hit me up and I will hook you up.  This stuff is better than yours.

After Eischen’s, we headed to Lake Texhoma and caught limits of stripers.  I caught the biggest.  Tammy caught the most.  Then we headed to Dallas for some half-ass shopping then met a buddy for supper at Pappadeaux’s–I love that place.  My favorite bad ass restaurant chain.  Korbyn was scared to order–prices , diversity of menu and…….he punted and followed Duke’s lead.  “Dude, get what you want.  This is one place my dad isn’t going to say NO as long as you will eat it.”   My favorite order at a Pappadeaux’s is still Brandon THE Bruce with the Chilean Sea Bass.  That was fun.

Then we traveled to Waco for the Magnolia Market.  LOT of estrogen in that place.  Left Waco and drove through College Station and the Texas A&M campus, then on to Houston.  We went to an Astro’s vs the Rangers game.  Cool stadium.  Got to see back2back2back homers.  So fast that they couldn’t even get the express train on the top of the left field part of the stadium backed up and ready to roll again.

And on Saturday morning, we left Houston and headed North X NorthWest.  We made two stops on the way home.  The first—at a Buc-ees.  Best quick stop/truck stop that I have ever seen.  CLEANEST bathrooms ever!

I haven’t eaten at one yet..  But, I am amazed with the way that centrally located food joint operates.  Burritos, sandwiches, BBQ, roasted nuts, etc.

Quick shout out to my buddy Kenneth Helms.  About four years ago, he and I were cruising around Texas.  He advised me to become a Hilton points member.  Of course, that dude travels a bunch and has piles of points. As a result of his advise, I used my points to pay for rooms at Hampton Inns in Dallas and Houston.  Thanks, Dude.

Then we stopped at Llano, TX.  Little place called Cooper’s BBQ.  First time that I ever went to Cooper’s, I had just bought a Helms S100 wether at the Lone Star Elite sale in Goldthwaite.  Then, I had to meet some dude further south with a pair of wethers that cost more and didn’t win shit.  But, that fat GOAT’eed dude commented on the Helms wether.  “Hunh?” he said.  No shit, you could fit those two turds inside that skinny Helms goat that I bought.  That S100 wether ended up reserve grand at the State Fair of OK and res. div. 5 at Tulsa in 2008. Not bad.

Now back to Cooper’s, they were on point with the smoked products.  Turkey, pork loin, brisket and sirloin was way good.  The smoked jalapeño, cheese sausage was off the hook good.  After that, we headed north to paradise.  Basically, I spent almost 1,500 miles in Texas and I did not stop to look at any stock.  No goats, sheep, calves, nothing. It got hotter the farther north we traveled.  After getting home, it was apparent that the wind and heat had kicked the shit out of the garden, flowers and cover crops.  I might have to buy hay if it doesn’t rain on these fields soon.  More bills.

Today, I spent time in the pastures picking up sticks, logs and crap from the ponds flooding earlier this year.  It wasn’t that hot but was so, so humid.  I was sweating–a lot.  Then, Ron Simonson texted me a video of a young southern kid– judging from the accent.  I had the same problems–“I was sweating.  Where?  Everywhere!   My butt crack and my balls and everywhere!”  Dude, I can relate.

I might have even got a bit over-heated.  Old, fat, out-of-shape and it was hot and humid.  So, I got done, grabbed a towel, pulled on some swim trunks and drove to Gage.  I headed to the Gage Artesian beach.  This is a  gem–right close to home, right here in the middle of paradise.  The Shattuck FFA president, miss Addie Swanson, is the chief life guard.  When he isn’t mowing lawns, Korbyn cooks burgers, dogs and is the head greeter for the pool.  The water was roughly 70 degrees.  It felt awesome.  There were people from Australia at this pool on this Sunday.  It is worth the drive, not that you can drive from Australia.  There is nothing else like it in this part of the world.

Duke goes on a regular basis.  As a kid, I rode my bike the 7 miles from Shattuck to Gage in order to do flips on the twin high dive boards.  Not quite the triple lindy from the Rodney Dangerfield movie “Back to School” but there was some wicked stupid stunts done from those diving towers and boards.  Now, those towers are no longer there.  I wonder why?  (insurance)  But, I did get to see some kids do some gainers, flips with twists and cut-aways (now they call them a suicide dive).  I was out.  I would say too old. But if John Q. Kelln was there, he can still put on a show from the diving board.   I just swam a bunch.  The mineral water felt exquisite.  The sand bottom and the large size of this pool makes for a a heckuva exercise.  I think that I’ll have my swim trunks in the ag pickup for when I leave work tomorrow.

This was an abbreviated version of our week.  It was a really good week.  But, next week will be even better.  If not, I will wish it would have been.


Best buck ever?

Best major show?

Best show day product?

Wait.  What?  Duke is watching a movie in his room.  I could hear sounds.  My ears perked up.  I recognized sounds from a distant past.  I left this keyboard, walked down the hallway.  I knew the sounds.  I opened his door, looked towards his bed, then at the screen and waited for the sounds.  I heard the sounds ” I hate rude behavior in a man.  I won’t tolerate it.”  I knew it.  I just knew it.  He was watching Lonesome Dove.  I love that flick.

Cross Canadian Ragweed is on the iTunes  (Carney man), Lonesome Dove is on the tube, down the hallway in Duke’s room, couple of goat dipshits are texting/calling my phone.  I ain’t answering/replying tonight.  Izzy the corgi pup is on my feet.   This blog is long, lacks info and you clowns are reading it.  Life is good.



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