I used 5 days of vacation in order to attend the OYE.  Left before 5 am last Monday morning and got home late Friday night.  Although it was termed a “vacation”, it wasn’t exactly relaxing.  Rolled right into a weekend consisting of washing, shearing, clipping, photoing and showing goats to people.  Throw in moving does into kidding barn and there hasn’t been any down time.  Now, it’s back to work.  

     The physical part of showing is starting to get to me.  it just isn’t as fun as it used to be.  And I’m getting old.  The mental part is really starting to take its toll.  I could gladly go a day or two without talking goats, if people will let me.  But, it just doesn’t happen.  There are times when I dread looking at a text message or email or listening to a voice-mail.  At some point, I just have to prioritize.  I’m obviously going to take all of the calls regarding goats that I am selling next week.  I haven’t seen Mock’s goats, or the retired show does or Walker’s or Simpson’s, etc.  Call those breeders and talk to them about their goats.  They will gladly talk to you about what they are offering.  If I had time to see them or didn’t have my own to sell, I would tell you what I know.

     I apologize if I seem rude, but it seems rude to me to call and ask me.  Especially, ones that haven’t bought goats from me.  What’s the term?   “tire kickers”?  How about the inconsiderate text messages from some random person that you don’t know and they don’t identify themselves?  First, I don’t like texting.  Second, I dang sure don’t like replying to demands from somebody that I don’t know.  What about the demand–“Send me pics of the goats that you are selling online next week.”  Isn’t it common sense that if I am taking pics for an online sale, then you CAN look at them online just like everybody else?  There surely is some sort of etiquette for this.  

I’m actually in a good mood.

Good day and I hope the wind isn’t blowing in your part of the world. Unless, you are Tommy Boy in a sailboat.