as tits on a boar hog.  

as a one legged man in a donkey kicking contest.

as an ejection seat on a helicopter.

as non-portable sheds, panels, feeders, etc. at some goat ranches. 

as a white crayon.

as a corgi for a guard dog.

as Ron Simonson after several days of slaying fish.  

as a wire panel between two does.  

Forgive me…but….useless

as balls on a priest.

as tits on a nun.  

I actually remember a joke from circa 1986 about the use (or lack of use) of flies.  And those previous two items were part of the joke.  I’m sorry MOM!  But it is a good joke. 

I spent most of this Saturday thinking about useless things.  Two things dominated my thoughts.  Useless as a public school calendar after May 1.  Useless as a 15 year old boy on some days.  

Speaking of useless…..I haven’t heard from Frazier, Milligan, Schneberger or Schovanec today.  For that matter, I hadn’t talked to either of my brothers.  Maybe my phone is dead again.  

And here’s to hoping that all of you had a productive weekend.  Horseshoes and shamrocks.  And i’m not gonna win the lottery this week because I didn’t buy any tickets.  So, I guess that I will just keep playing the lottery of life.  

It is May 14. Something happens on May 15.