Unseen Power

Any of you people that know me, understand that I am a fan of Star Wars and the Hobbit-based books and movies.  I enjoy the stories, the beliefs, the legends, the honor, the fight for good and evil–all of it.

In the Star Wars saga, the original face of evil was/is Darth Vader.  He is a timeless character–yeah, you can hear him, right now, with that James Earl Jones voice and that breathing.  He’s like AC/DC, everybody knows who ’em when you hear ’em.  And in the end, he was good.

The Hobbit stories all tie the fate of nations into the “little guy”–the hobbit.  Either Bilbo, Frodo or Samwise–no matter.  It is the little guy that saves the day.

Both stories are biblical in their basis.  Stories of good versus evil with an unseen spirit constantly at work.  This is not new info, yet it seems to fit.

Democrats vs. Republicans.  Both sides thinks they are right.  Yet, there is still a spirit that is not controlled by either side.  There is always a smaller, yet spiritually stronger being that was discounted.  A civil war begins tomorrow, the next day… I think not.  I truly don’t think that one side is prepared for a fight like that and the other side really doesn’t want it to come to that.  And yet, the media feasts on that fear and will continue to feed the ignorant.

Here are my issue(s).  Why don’t more turn the channel?  Don’t listen to the crap that they are spewing.  Yeah, really, it is that simple.

If Chewbacca and Han Solo are such bad asses, why not just turn them loose with a light saber or 3?   Give them a jedi to show them the way.  Jawas eff up everything.  Just infect some imperial ships with jawas.  And if these Mandolarian’s are such bad asses (I do love that show), how come they are so few?

And in all of the LOTR stories, the dwarves and elves are always way out-numbered.  ALWAYS!  But, yet a small band of Thorin’s dwarves can sway a battle against endless orcs.  And anytime the elves are involved, asses get kicked.  What?  Just keep Gimli & Legolas covered and let them wipe out the enemy.   Better yet, just let the eagles fly the hobbits into Mordor and shorten the journey.

No matter.  No need to comment, text–I get it.  They are just stories.  And so is the bible.  Sometimes there has to be tough times in order to get the unaccounted to rise up and fulfill.

I was sent this earlier today, Nov. 3, and it is fitting.  “Today feels like the whole country is waiting for an STD test result.”

Actually, it is probably going to be more like a covid test.  Negative tonight, yet positive tomorrow…wait, yes positive or is this a negative.  Who knows?

There are miracles needed in the world.  And I wouldn’t waste a miracle on a goat deal.  Yet, I know a bad ass goat family that is ready for a miracle.  Prayers my friends.

No matter your beliefs, prayers and hope in an unseen force are a good thing. Maybe the best of all things.  Horseshoes & shamrocks!  May tomorrow always be better than today.  GOD speed!


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