It is currently Juan degree outside.  One.  The plunge continues.  One damn degree.  I know it could be worse.  Way worse!

Weird thing today.  I woke up thinking about eating chili and I really wanted a chili dog.  This afternoon, I was getting ready to leave Shattuck, so I called the Dragon Lady to see if she needed anything.  Her reply, “See if the grocery store has any hotdog buns left, I’m craving a chili dog.”    And that my friends, is one of many reasons that she is my one & only valentine.

And now, we are thawing out some frozen chili and cooking some 1/4 pound, all beef dogs.  Big, fat wieners that will take two hands to hold.

Yes, there is more than one direction that I could go with the previous sentence.  But tonight, I choose to just leave it alone.  This is one of the one & only times that I am on good behavior.

Each time that I eat chili, I think about the Ron White story of the chili capitol of the world.  And it is a goat related story.  Juan with an onion and a pepper, riding a goat to a chili cook off and he comes home with a trophy and no goat.

I have one question for you.  Why won’t a doe goat drink in the dark?  They have to be really thirsty to drink when it is dark.  I’ve always thought that goats have very poor night vision.  Plus, they are dumb.  I guess it is an old instinct, you know prey vs. predator kind of thing.

One week from now, I will be loading Herfy the Hereford Hog on a trailer.  He has an appointment at the Gage Locker on the morning of Feb. 22.  For one thing, I’m ready to eat some fresh pig.

Keep it warm.  Keep it real.  And even though the temps are getting ready to be negative, I’m positive I’ll need more than one!

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