Where to start?

2020 continues to suck.  Arguably the greatest guitar artist of all-time passed away.  RIP Eddie Van Halen.  I can argue that the album “1984” is the best rock album of all-time.  It isn’t my personal favorite but the songs were wicked and the album cover is off-the-hook.  I saw Van Halen in concert back in 1991.  It was the best set of solos that I have ever witnessed.  Alex Van Halen on the rising, lighted drum set that flashed with the beat.  Michael Anthony on bass was unreal.  Sammy Hagar doing his thing on vocals and guitars.  AND THEN….and then….Eddie bringing sounds out of that guitar right up until he played “Eruption.”  I still get chills.  He couldn’t read sheet music but he could play a guitar and a keyboard.

Hunh!  Guess what is playing tonight?  Duke and I have a steady diet going of Van Halen and Van Hagar going over the speakers.

I woke up this morning and my mind was clear.  Way clear!  I did chores, took care of stuff and then started checking text & voice messages.  I thank each and everyone of you.  There was too many to reply to all.  Dang!  I went back and read what I wrote last night.  I will stand by everything that I typed.  I do realize that I should have cut deeper.  Legally speaking…come on!  Let’s do this out in the open.  I would love to talk about this in an open forum.  Did somebody say “Subpoena”?   Come on!  Let us have this discussion.  It won’t cost me much.  I’ve watched a lot of Law & Order.   Haaaa!!   Those that know me are going, “This ain’t a fair fight.”

I’ve been to the top and I’ve been everywhere in between.  We dang sure ain’t riding high at this time but I like what we have going on.  I might have had my funnest Tulsa show ever and we didn’t gather a banner.  I have seen the great OZ at work behind the curtain.  I’ve seen good and I’ve seen bad.  I’m not a rookie and I am not naive.  My resume is better than most but not as good as a couple others.  There is the fact that some/most don’t like my mouth; however, my record is clean.  My kids never tested out of a show.  And they were tested at a lot of shows.  There have been no controversies over buck ownership, swapped out goats, nothing.  All of my partners are still partners and/or friends.  I ain’t perfect but I have damn sure tried to do right.  I am an ag teacher by heart, an agriculturist by faith, a champion for kids, a lover of good livestock and I have no desire for a bunch of BS at a stock show.  I’ve seen enough real life to not have a tolerance for squat to pee, chicken crap stuff that can go on with livestock shows.

If anybody gets pissed, offended or does not like anything that I write, you have options.  One, click to a different website.  Or read this one and learn.  It gets worse from here.

I have witnessed show placings being brokered.  Judges, breeders, feed reps, jocks, etc.   The first time that I realized what was going on, I wasn’t sure but dang that deal didn’t sound kosher.  And then, it worked out exactly like I heard.  I didn’t benefit.  But, damn!  Am I liable because I was there?  I didn’t have crap to do with it.  These are Icons in the stock show industry!  That wasn’t cool.  But, I didn’t speak up.  Mentally, I’m still wrestling with this.   And you want names.

I’ve had calls asking “how bad does your buddy want a piece of this show?”  I’ve had friends get pissed, some that got pissed that they didn’t get first shot at owning a higher spot on the bingo card.  I’ve had some former friends that agreed to kneel down, assume the position and do whatever needed done.  I have apologized to other breeders, before they knew what the hell happened.  Ask Schneberger.  I didn’t do it but I knew what was going on.   All I have to say is “Was it worth it?”   I didn’t do it and looking back, I’m glad that I only lost some money buying goats.  That’s it.  Sometimes, some lost money is money well-spent.

I don’t like the fact that I know some deals for this spring.  I hope that some of these judges get alerted and judge straight up, instead of what is supposed to happen.  I could name names.  Probably should.  Just not doing it tonight.  There are some reading this and wondering how to keep me in check.  And there is one or two, that are going, ” You ain’t going to.  I just hope he stops.”

Here’s the situation.  I don’t care about the current politics.  I have two letters in mind when it comes to politics in general.  Those would be the letters F & U.  Mom and Linda, I’m sorry.  But when you are right and the rest of the world is wrong….well, I’ll stick to my guns.  We did right by your grandkids.

And in reality, espn hosts numerous shows that discuss sports and the competition.  They have talking heads that gladly talk about how this coach screwed up and needs fired, as well as bad umps/refs.  Why can’t us stock show people openly discuss a crappy judge?

I’ll wait for that answer.  Right now, the jeopardy theme is playing in my head.

Who funds these shows?  YOU DO.  With your nominations and entry fees.  Not to mention parking passes, trailer parking, etc.  Quit bending over and letting these sub-par gerbil judges determine your kids placings.  Demand a fair shake.  It is wrong that I have received texts, calls, etc from BIG name people from all species.  I’m a low rent HAS BEEN that isn’t afraid of anybody.  Hold these crappy judges accountable.  This is not an Oklahoma problem.  It dang sure ain’t a Chinese problem.  Probably started in Texas.  It is a disease.  We all know about it.  Let’s just show, judge and let the chips fall where they may.

Shows should make a post where people can vote for a judge.  Let the population vote.  Once you nominate your animals,  you get a vote.  That is a stupid idea.  Or is it?


I don’t want to do a podcast but I am all in favor of critiquing judges.  WHY NOT?   Hold these crooked/dumb bastards accountable.  Please text me how I am wrong.


Have a good one and a better tomorrow.

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