Let me tell you about some crap that I find completely undesirable.  These dang tv commercials that are sponsored by lawyers with open class action lawsuits.  I don’t like these commercials.  They make me think that these lawyers are just trolling, with no real bait, just trying to snag another client or three.

Mesothelioma, asbestos from naval yards, roundup weed killer exposure, the boy scouts abuse, etc.  This crap is just one more thing that is undesirable while watching tv.  Between the fake news, politics, spoiled athletes and these lawyer ads, I’m thinking that I need to rig a tv up to only play Law & Order re-runs, Yellowstone and maybe some Hee Haw episodes.  I would say play some cool music video channels but none of those channels actually play music videos anymore.  Maybe I need to start my own tv channel.  OOHH!! I like that thought.

As I watch some of these crappy lawyer commercials, I have to think to myself.  “Self, you must have been an undesirable teenager.”  Why would I think that?  Well, I was in the Boys Scouts of America AND I was an altar boy in the Catholic church.  Not one time was I sexually abused by a Boy Scout leader or a priest.  Nothing.  Not even one weird innuendo, awkward moment, or a bad feeling.  For that matter, I’ve also used a lot of roundup.  However, I did change ceiling tiles out last week in the ag building.  I might have been exposed to some cancer causing dust, insulation and whatever else was in that ceiling.

I’m sure there has been some bad stuff happen but it never happened to me.  However, I can’t help but think that a bunch of this stuff has been over-played by lawyers and the media.

Speaking of goats, I recently watched several videos of a young and up-and-coming buck prospect.  You may have seen his picture on book face.  Fuzzy Handcuffs.  One of the best pics of a goat that I have ever seen.  The boys at REI told me that this one looked badass.  So, this weekend, I saw Cade and asked him about this prospect.  He showed me numerous videos of this buck.  Cool!  Tonight, I was at a goat sale and mentioned Fuzzy Handcuffs to Pullan.  I asked if he had some fuzzy handcuffs.  I got a weird look from he and Stephanie.  Pretty sure that answer was No.

Well, I don’t have any fuzzy handcuffs either.  But, I can tell you how a toy like this would play out in our house.  I would be like  “Yee haw!   Alright!”  Tammy would then handcuff me to the bed.  “Woo Hoo!”  And then she would walk out to a different room and get a good night’s sleep.  And I would be up all night wishing that I could reach the remote to at least watch a Law & Order re-run.

And, I’m real sure that I wasn’t undesirable as a teenager.  I’ve got proof.  I caught the Dragon Lady back in those days.  I’ve still got that trophy.  Although, she might kick me out if she reads this crap.

People, we are getting close to being back to whatever-in-hell-is-normal.  School is going to start, shows are happening, the election will be over and there will probably be a lawsuit over all of the protests and people that were hurt.  In all honesty, we should sue our leaders for the whole shutdown, pandemic scare and the rest of the fallout.  Let’s get rid of all the undesirables that are in office.  I’m fine with Trump again (especially compared to the alternative).  But I would REALLY like to get rid of all–ALL OF THEM, set term limits and start fresh.  Replace all of the judges as well.  Term limits on those political son-of-a-guns as well.  Make those GD lawyers and lobbyists earn their pay to get the new blood under their thumbs.  I think it would be fun.  It would not be UNDESIRABLE!

Send some diplomatic dudes like the Poe Cat or Jake Kelln to Washington.  Then, see how the lobbyists fare.

I’m done.  This is as diplomatic as I am capable of being.  Sometimes, you just have to learn to shut up and wait for a more appropriate time and setting.

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