Under-rated–UpDated–2 letters

      How about this weather in NW OK today?  It was stupid nice.  Too good.  Too hot and no rain in the forecast.  But it was a good night to watch a jr. high baseball game.  Got home and did chores, then came inside and turned on the tube.  I could watch JAWS or a concert on PBS.  Duke and I decided on the concert on public tv on this fine evening.  I like to watch some PBS as I have always loved Marty Stouffer’s “Wild America” shows.  Throw in some concerts and the fact that Kela had lots of air-time on OETA and I will gladly donate some cash to the cause to keep PBS on the air.  It’s their annual fund-drive time of year. 

      The concert tonight is going to make me update myu under-rated list.  The band name basically consists of two letters, kind of–the BeeGees.  I know, I know.  RUSM?  The BeeGees?  The disco band from the 70s?  YES!  That is exactly the band.  They are easily recgonizable because of their vibrato and falsetto voices, but these dudes were huge, yet they get stereo-typed into disco music.  Yes, they wrote several songs for soundtracks of some big movies.  But they also did everything else that the music industry has to offer.  

     Get the facts and lets argue.  The only artists to sell more records than the BeeGees—are you ready for this list?!–The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Garth Brooks, Paul McCartney and the king himself– Elvis Presley.  The group played together for 45 years.  Soft rock, elevator music, pop, disco, folk and just plain old good music.  These three brothers harmonized their way into millions, as in $s.  Better yet, they wrote ALL of their own songs.  And a couple of others such as the theme song to GREASE and one of my all-time favorite tunes– “Islands in the Stream” by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers.  It is a Who’s Who list of artists that had hits written by the brothers of the BeeGees–Barbara Streisand, Celine Dion, Jimmy Ruffin, Diana Ross, Destiny’s Child, etc, etc, etc.  Google the list of songs that the Gibb brothers wrote and the artists that performed them.  Plus the 3 brothers helped their baby brother into a #1 career.  

      Laugh all you want, but you have to admit that when you hear the bass line to “Stayin’ Alive”  you get the jive feeling going and wish that you were wearing a white suit like Travolta did in Saturday Night Fever.  That is one of those tunes that if you were in the finals of the old tv program “Name That Tune” that you could go “I can name that tune in one note” and get it right.  Everybody knows their songs and kind of likes them.  I have some of their stuff on iTunes.  

       I don’t which mental image is funnier–some of you going WTF?  The BeeGees.  And the rest trying to look up what falsetto and vibrato mean.  That and I think that there is a closet near kitty-kway that has a white suit in storage.  

     Good night, good day and I hope everybody is as lucky as I am.