Under-Rated Breeders

I could go on and on about the BIG time breeders.  Some of them are like Wal-Mart. I don’t mean this in a negative way, as Wal-Mart is one of the most successful companies of all time.  These breeders are going to have banner pictures year in and year out, just by shear numbers.  They can try new matings while still using the tried and true that pays the bills.

Then there are those few that consistently raise goats that are in the hunt, every year.  But, they have limited numbers.  I had the privilege of attending some sales this weekend that were hosted by a couple of these under-rated breeders.  

First off, was the Allen-Faris-Lumpkins sale.  All of these guys are excellent stockmen in their own right.  I kind of hate even writing about this sale, but those that know me, know that I like to feed goats from this sale.  So do a couple of other HEAVY hitters.  Everybody in the know, in the industry, is aware of Bob Allen goats.  He doesn’t offer many, they will NOT be little goats, they will not be over-fitted and they will feed.  And every year, somewhere, they hang banners.  His goats and his sales will be the same–no fluff, no BS.  Just good goats.  I like it.

Next up was Roy Sanders.  Another old school kind of breeder.  Sanders goats always find a way towards the backdrop.  You can bet that they will be jack fronted, tight hided, good boned and lots of shape.  He knows his genetics and how to feed them.  Just look at his daughter’s success. 

And on that note.  While at their sale, Brittany Sanders gave the prayer before the auction.  She said “Amen”.  I turned to Braden and Duke and said, that girl has a killer speaking voice.   I would rather talk public speakers than goats.  I love it when kids can get in front of a group and BRING IT!  Just after mentioning her quality delivery, auctioneer Mark Tillman anounced, “Thank you to Brittany Sanders.  It isn’t everday that a Texas State FFA Creed Champion gives the invocation.”  Point Proven.  Think about how good she had to be to win the Texas State FFA Creed Championship.  Tammy and I have a wall of Kela’s wins, but the family favorite is a State FFA Agribusiness speech winning plaque.  I love it!  

The common ingredient of both sales was another goat breeder/buyer–Mark Morriss.  This dude sees more goats than most anybody in the industry.  He knows goats.  You know you are going to have a successful sale when Mark walks in.  If he doesn’t get anything bought, then they sold well.  Real well.    This cat has a good eye.  

I could go on about under-rated breeders.  As you read this, remember that I am an OSU grad. I trend towards the under-rated.  And as I typed this, I just realized that most of the goat world is going to tie to A&M, Tech, Nebraska, KState, ISU,GA or the other OSU.  They ALL think that that they are under-rated.  It’s just an aggie kind of thing.  I will agree, all except for the state university of Ohio.  And that osu is over-rated 19 out of 20 years in football.  But their, 1 in 20 is better than Okie State’s football history. 

I put a bounty on some problem critters around here in paradise (not AMMO the dog).  I don’t know if we will see Duke indoors until he collects all of the bounty goals.  One thing about that kid, he understands the value of a dollar.  Especially, if he isn’t siting at a desk.  

No matter the breeder, the state, the show, whatever, the common question is “Where can we find new, qualified judges?”  I just spent the past 7 weeks traveling the show goat capital of the world–also known as Texas.  Braden Schovanec and Duke Kelln were my co-pilots.  I will gladly let these two clowns pick goats for me.  Duke is the more discriminating judge. He either likes one or he doesn’t.  If you are on a budget, send Duke.  If you want THE ONE!  Send Braden.  My point–grow em.  We need to be growing our next judges.  

I goat a call from the favorite daughter on this Father’s Day.  It is kind of scary/really cool when you have to ask “What continent are you calling from?”  No matter, I loved the call.  One more big weekend and then I am done goating for a bit.  Have a good one and a better tomorrow.  

Oh crap,  there are like 27 online auctions tomorrow.  June is harvest month in the wheat world.  So it is as well in the online goat world.  Good luck earning those commissions this week, my friends.  Once again, that is underrated work.  Thus the reason my daughter is traveling the world instead of tied to a computer and phone this week.  The Milligan crew will earn their p-check this week.  Taking care of posting, re-posting, answering questions, phone calls, fixing mis-bids, sending invoices, collecting payments, making payments, etc, etc.  Dealing with buyers and sellers.  Online sales aren’t easy.  Just ask the successful sellers.  They will all tell you, pay for the help.  It is money well spent.  Good luck to all!