I grew up watching boxing.  ESPN used to have the Friday Night Fights.  Mike Tyson was a nobody in black shorts and shoes, no robe.  Just ready to fight.  Hagler/Hearns.  Sugary Ray Leonard.  HBO fights.  I liked them.  Then boxing went in the toilet.  SInce, I have followed the UFC for the past decade or so.  My old buddy, Fred Slater, was way into the old school MMA fights.  The ones that had no weight classes or for that matter, any rules.  He introduced me to the Gracie family and their fighting style.  There was UFC and Pride fighting.  I liked it.  Plus, this stuff was always on late at night.  My kind of television.  Throw in the fact that several ex Okie State wrestlers became UFC fighters got me to watching.  

     Once it became the UFC, it was better promoted.  Then they had the reality series that led up to somebody getting a contract.  Tammy started watching a marathon of the Ultimate Fighter.  She liked it.  

     Now, I don’t hardly watch any of the current bouts as they are all PPV and I can be a wedge-ass.  But, I have been tempted the last two fights.  And now, this Ronda Rousey has got everybody talking about UFC again.  I actually wanted to do the PPV deal, but I didn’t want another 14 second fight.  Well, it went longer.  Like 34 seconds.  This chick is wicked.  I really wouldn’t have thought that I wanted to watch girls fighting–oil wrestling, yes, but fighting?  But this is different.  She is a machine.  I think she can whip the guys her size.  Any way, it makes for good business.  And what’s wrong with a woman being the most famous fighter on the planet?