U Missed It

With this hoof injury, I have been accumulating tools to help me motivate around this piece of paradise.  First, and foremost, the gator is of utmost importance.  I have also found that feeding does while on a crutch is not all bad.  I haven’t had to use it as a weapon of self defense, but they already know to respect the crutch.

Tammy has found me three different knee scooters.  The first one looked lightweight and crappy and it doesn’t steer but I have found some advantages to this one.  It is easy to throw in the back of the pickup and take to OYE.  I scooted down the middle street and into the cattle barn with ease.  I just have to learn to pop wheelies over hoses and extension cords.  The second one has lots of adjustments and looks like a technological marvel but when compared to the first one, it simply does not have as wide of a wheel base.  This is important when motivating from the carport to the kidding barn.  There are terrain & elevation changes, rocks and undulations in the grass.  #2 doesn’t work for me.

Which brings us to #3.  It has the best knee pad for kneeling.  It has sufficiency base width and adjustments for comfort.  AND it steers!   Yes, here we go.  And here is where you missed it at 5 am on this non-windy morning.  I scooted down the driveway, headed east.  I noticed a little play in the steering as I crossed the first crack in the concrete.  But “where the sidewalk ends” and the rock road begins did not jive with the steering of this scooter.  Like an old crappy vehicle with rack & pinion steering, the wheels went one way and the rest of the scooter and myself went another.  I got up, left the wreckage in the road, limped to the gator and did chores.   Have a good one.


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