TX Weekend

     Had a big weekend trip to Texas.  We left early Friday morning with several does on the trailer.  Our first stop was at Earl Peacock’s.  Dropped the does off at his place for future flushes.  Looked at several good doe kids at his place.  We were all amazed with the dry land corn in that part of the world.  We then headed towards Goldthwaite to look at some of Saturday’s sale goats.  We did have to stop at a DQ for an ice cream break.  Mikey needed a peanut buster parfait.  Brucey, Duke, Braden and I all decided ice cream sounded good.  Big BIll just opted for a glass of water.  

     It is amazing how green and lush central Texas is this summer.  It was a very good thing the road sides are extremely lush and wet as Friday afternoon we passed a potential HUGE fire danger.  On the hills north of San Saba, there was a SUV pulling a 16′ utility trailer that just had smoke rolling off of it.  We first thought that he had a load of dirt and the dirt was blowing.  But as we got closer, we realized that he was hauling a heavy load of flat rock, kind of like some kind of landscape rock.  This trailer was way overloaded and the left front tire was gone.  The rim was rolling on the pavement.  The bearings were smoking.  

      Mikey and I passed him and got away.  Bill passed him at the top of a hill.  We were traveling at our normal warp speed.  The amazing thing was that, as Bill referred to him, “Guido–the rock layer” was gaining ground on them as they went down the next hill.  I’m pretty sure that load of rock was pushing that SUV down the hill.  Even if he had trailer brakes, I’m pretty sure that they too were smoked on that front axle.  

     We made it to Llanno for Cooper’s BBQ on Friday night.  It was as expected.  We found a hotel and crashed for the night.  Duke and I utilized the hotel swimming pool which was complete with waterfall, dolphins painted on the bottom of the pool and once underwater, you could hear dolphin sounds.  Pretty nifty.

     We started Saturday at a sale in Lampasas.  Small # of wethers, but a nice set.  La Copa sold a really good wether that brought $12K.  Don’t know who got him, but that was a good one.  The highlight of this sale was the donuts.  They were from some local bakery.  These donuts were like a Daylight Donut/Krispy Kreme cross.  They were GOOD!  We all had more than we should have.  I’m not sure how many boxes Braden ate.  

      The Lone Star Elite sale at Goldthwaite was next.  This was a really good set of goats.  There was a HUGE crowd.  The prices weren’t plumb stupid, but the sale averaged really well.  Immediately following was Helms-Book sale.  Another really good set of goats.  

      During the Lone Star Elite Sale, David Garrett brought a doe to me to catch a ride back to Oklahoma.  Somebody had bought her online last month and we had rooom on the trailer.  David put her on our trailer.  In between the Lone Star and Helms-Book sale, we loaded some wethers we bought.  Bill opened the side door of the trailer to load a wether.  This turned out to be a mistake as that doe had decided that she didn’t want to be on the trailer anymore.  I didn’t see much of this doe as I was on the opposite side of the trailer door.   I just heard a bunch of groans, growls and grunts, the unmistakeable sound of hooves and horns hitting human flesh, then a few cuss words.  The door finally closed and Bill had cuts and bruises from that doe kid.  But she was still on the trailer.

    We now headed to Early for Garrett and Bean’s sale.  Really good set of wethers.  They sold high, but not as high as I expected.  One more sale stop in Brownwood.  5 sales in one day.  It was time for supper.  

      Sunday found us driving home in the rain.  The Red River was rolling as we crossed the border.  We even got rain here in paradise.  

     After all of the miles and looking at a lot of really good goats, I am really pleased with what I see, right here in Oklahoma.