Turn to cook

     The Dragon Lady went to Shattuck to pick Duke up from baseball practice, but another family invited him to go fart around with them and some other little heathens at Lake Vincent tomorrow.  You gotta let them go be kids.  So, he went there and it was my turn to cook.  Charlie’s grill here we come.  Great supper and conversation with the wife.

      On the drive home, I was listening to a little Xm radio.  Heard one of my favorite drummers of all time–Mick Fleetwood.  My favorite list of drummers includes, and in no particular order:  Fleetwood, Rick Allen of Def Leppard, Alex Van Halen of, duh, you guessed it, Van Halen, Dave Grohl of Nirvana and several other groups and Ringo Starr of the Beatles. Don’t diss Ringo.  One, he was the one that set the beat for the biggest band of all time (he had to be good or they would have replaced him) and TWO–he played Attuck in the all-time classic movie CAVEMAN.

     I’ve got something to do, so I am done here.  Make your own list.  

Have a great day.  Stay flexible, but not limp.