Tulsa wether show–done

    The 2013 version of the Tulsa State Fair wether show is in the books.  I had a blast.  Duke didn’t want to show at Tulsa and I agreed.  Keep the goats at home.  He played football on Monday night then came to Tulsa on Thursday night to judge livestock today.  

     I had not seen Jeff Ripley judge wethers before so I wasn’t quite sure what kind he liked.  I would have to say that he is fairly consistent.  Better be wide based, big ribbed and loins better tie wide at their hip/loin junction.  Most of the goats had a good look to them.  The top end of most classes was stacked with good goats, but then the quality dropped off.  

      The grand was shown by Kami Oller.  Yes, she normally shows does, but she came over to the cool kids barn and won a big one.  Congrats to the family.  This goat was way wide based, huge ribbed, big backed and wide stifle-to stifle.  He was off in his hip and shoulder and he won’t win any beauty contests.  He either had to win or be 5th in class as nothing else looked like him.  Not necessarily my type, but I wasn’t the one asked to judge.  He won his division pretty easily and I think most people thought he would be grand.

     The reserve grand was shown by Morgan Craig.  She has been a consistent top end showman for years at Tulsa and OYE.  This goat was a double bred Joe Dirt from Tyke.  He was wide based, big ribbed and big loined as well.  He wasn’t as massive from behind as the grand, but he was better balanced and cooler to look at.  I was happy to sell that goat to the Craig’s as I knew he would get fed and shown right.  Congrats to that family.  

     The lineup of the champions and reserves was consistent as they all had power and bone.  

     We were tickled with how our crew of showmen got along.  Sarah Murphy won division 1 with a Rainman/Harley wether that we raised.  I didn’t want to lose him at Tulsa, but at least he got a banner.  Between Poe Cat and I, there were 6 wethers in the premium sale sired by Rainman.  Joe Dirt had several wethers in the sale.  Those 2 bucks just keep siring damn good goats.  Darcy Peach won div. 6 with a Roy Sanders wether.  He was a May 2012 goat that was too good to load on the truck at OYE.  Bree Taylor was res. div. 6 with Babe–the 3 time county grand champion wether from Helms.  This goat has a resume of wins and high placings for 2012 & 2013 and he was older than May 2012.  It takes some work and dedication to hold these old wethers but it pays off for a show like Tulsa.  

     The Tulsa show is one that I like because we stay at a hotel that is a short walking distance to the barns.   At times, not having to drive is valuable.     The weather is normally good and it is a really good state fair.  What I don’t like about Tulsa is the premium sale.  Basically, it sucks.  If you take a wether to Tulsa that would work for OYE and he makes the sale, he won’t bring but $500 to $1,500 and you can’t replace him for that.  Thus, the reason we took a bunch of old wethers or cheap ones.  

     Doe show this weekend.  Have a good day.