Tulsa Rumours

      Beings how there were no Rumour Has It wethers shown at Tulsa and only one doe (which won a class), you would think that there wouldn’t be many rumours.  Well, I was WRONG!!

      in my first hour of being in the gossip barn, excuse me, I meant doe barn;  the first big rumour that I heard was that the judge cancelled and Glen Martin was now the doe judge.  I’m border-line retarded but even I know that Glen wouldn’t judge that show considering his ties to the Pfeiffer Family.  That deal wouldn’t work for anybody.   

     The next big rumour–that 2 wethers tested positive.  RUSM?!  They hadn’t had time to run tests.  And if they had run any tests, it would have been on the grand & reserve.  Basically, the tests hadn’t been run, yet.  And there better not be any wether goats testing positive.  We don’t need that kind of crap in the goat barn.  Keep that stuff in the sheep barn.

     Actually, now that I think about it, there were two wethers that tested POSITIVE–positive for GREATNESS!!  Darcy Peach’s champion in division 6.  He placed 3rd at the Lone Star Elite in 2012 & was res. div. 1 at the tough as nails Woodward District in 2013, then 3rd in class at OYE.  Now, that is a resume until you compare him to Bree Taylor’s “Babe”, which was 2nd at the Lone Star.  Grand at Woodward and 3rd at OYE.   Throw in the fact that “Babe” is a 3 TIME county grand champion and you need a title belt with an entourage headed to the ring.  Add in a wheel chair and a set of dentures for the senior citzen(s).  Long resumes, lots of wins, go out with a banner, that equals greatness in my books.  And I am positive about that.  

      This show wasn’t any different than any other.  A show was held.  Rumours spread.  And the truth will always follow.  

Truths to be told:  Joe Dirt is for real.  Rumours are true.  Rainman just keeps sticking to the truth and stacking the wins.  There is a big wall west of Tulsa.  The doe barn is good for rumours, half truths and a whole lot of BS.