Tulsa 2012

     Made it home from the Tulsa wether show 2012 edition.  Had a successful trip although we didn’t have grand or reserve.  You won’t hear me whine about not winning if I respect the animal and/or people that beat us.  The grand wether was a cool made dude that had a lot of positives.  More imporantly the Boles family has been a mainstay on the Oklahoma goat scene from the beginning.  That family has worked hard and consistently been in the hunt for a lot of years.  Pretty cool way to go out–on top.  Congrats to the Boles family.

     Our crew had a very successful trip.  Duke won div. 6 with a Rainman sired wether from Poe.  Rainman also sired another premium sale wether.  Bree had div. 3 champ with a wether from Robert Ashley and res. div. 2 with a Helm’s wether.  Fade2Black sired the div. 5 champ and another class winner.  Joe Dirt sired the res. div. 4 wether that Darcy Peach showed.  Dirt also sired two other premium sale wethers.  All in all 7 premium sale wethers were sired by our bucks.

     Rhyli Powell had the res. div. 1 wether with a goat I bought from Cecil Book on the Champion’s Choice online sale.  Really good goat that was an absolute dumb bastard.  To handle the goat, I wanted to keep him for spring.  To deal with him, I was glad to see him go through the sale.  Britt and Chesley were in the sale with Helms wethers.  Braden had the res. div 6 wether with a Kelly wether that was going on two years old.  That goat was bought to win Tulsa last year, but he had numerous stone problems and didn’t get shown until OYE 2012.  He won a class this spring and we decided to hold him.  He handled very good, he just needed more lower 1/3 in his brithces and therefore, needed to track wider.  Oh well, what might have been.

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