Tuesday night…What?

      Well, it feels like Tuesday night.  But it is actually Wednesday night.  Labor/Memorial Day can throw a well-balanced person off-balance.  Then, you throw my personal stupidity into action, and as far as I am concerned, I’m tall, my dad is always right and I really do live in paradise.  At least, I’m right on 2 out of 3.  

      I think that I will stop because if I was any better they would call me Kenny Tyke O’Milligan Jerry Slim, oh RUSM?  

      Things could be worse.  They aren’t as bad as the news makes stuff out to be.  Don’t live your life worrying about what you see on TV or read on the internet.  Take a step back, inhale deeply and realize that there is actual life going on around you.  FOX, CNN, who gives a monkey’s red ass about what some talking head reading script has to say.  None of them actually report news, they just gather crap off the internet. 

     In today’s society, there isn’t very many trust-worthy news sources.  Most, just copy & paste.  Every large corporation has a PR department.  Bad news is released after 3 pm ET on Friday.  Good news–10 AM on Monday morning–or anytime before Friday noon.  These people do their jobs well.  

      So, who is the best at reporting new “true” info–ESPN.  No, I’m not shitting you.  ESPN news affects Vegas bookies.  Affects fantasy drafts.  Might have a hand in a few maffia deals.  And doesn’t give a donkey’s red ass what your limp richard president is doing (or) NOT doing.  Too many $s are riding on Wes Welker, Josh Gordon or whether or not Romo’s back is good to go.  

      Our culture is NUMB!  Those dipshits in some sand country beheaded some guy.  My first thought, and yours–Dang, I hope that isn’t real.   2nd thought–this crap is made up and didn’t actually happen. For the families sake, I pray to GOD that it wasn’t actual footage and….. well, I don’t have words.

       NO TOLERANCE!  The USA has done more for the rest of the world than every nation combined ever dared to do for the rest of the world.  At some point, we just have to say, “That’s it!”  

      It’s a Wednesday night and the last I checked, this was still America. Our predecessors earned us the right to be a little bit tranquill.  Now, it’s time to Stand Up!!  Vote, know what you are voting for and for goodness sake, do something to help somebody else.   Have a good day and a better tomorrow.  I hope.