Tuesday Evening

      Tuesday evening (yes, I realize that it is Thursday evening when I am writing this) turned out to be quite the busy evening.  First of all, it was the Groundhog Day Semen Sale.  Thank you to all the buyers and bidders.  Judging from the sales report, it looks like several people in Indiana are planning on some goat breedings using frozen semen.  Most of the lots will be headed to the Hoosier State.  Hopefully, some or all, can have successful flushes and raise a stud buck or some killer wethers.  Thanks.

      I was driving when the sale closed.  The sale administrator called to give me the sales report.  I was driving a couple of 8th & 9th grade livestock judging teams to the NW District contest in Enid, OK.  Great set of kids.  I laughed.  I laughed a lot.  It was good clean fun.  And since you asked.  No, neither team won.  One team was 2nd and the other was 3rd.  They did well, just not as well as the team that won.  In any competitive event, sometimes you just need to be happy that you did as well as you did and acknowledge that the winner was simply better.  

      As we were driving East, my phone began buzzing with calls and texts regarding a facebook post about crooked panels. Once we got to Chili’s, I read through most of the posts.  I laughed. Then laughed some more.  The author posted a pic and pointed out the crooked panels.  No names were mentioned.  Nothing derogatory.  Just a picture with some flaws.  But then, somebody took offense and the tone of the posts went south in a hurry.  Now, I have read through all of the posts.  I laughed a lot.  I also shook my head at some people’s stupidity–A LOT!  I absolutely loved a bunch of the creativity that came with this post.  Brem’s pic of the dude holding the buckets of popcorn made me laugh.  Sloan’s finding a way to plug their online pig sale AND the pic of Pistol Whip before photoshop dang neart made me cry.  But then there were personal attacks.  

      Personally, I though Bronc handled this deal well.  He posted a pic. Sure, there was a load of sarcasm.  But he typed no negative comments–no names.  But the guilty party took offense, had to make snide remarks and then it opened the doors for others (that have obviously had a bad dealing or two with the guilty party) to start slinging mud.  

     Here’s what I know.  I don’t write much on facebook.  Tammy told me to not to write on facebook and I do everything that Tammy tells me to do–part of the time.  But when I posted about photoshopping ethics, there were lots of likes, lots of texts and lots of phone calls.  I didn’t name names.  I just addressed that as livestock producers, we need to be wary about photoshopping animals.  Now, another person in the industry pointed out a problem with a picture.  He didn’t name names or even comment on the obviously photoshopped goat.  He just pointed out a problem that was in the picture.  Numerous posts, likes and views later, the entire thread was taken down because some people couldn’t keep it clean.  I hate that the thread had to be removed and rightfully so, I might add.  There is a learning opportunity for all of us.  

       This is not my opinion, this is fact.  WE, as in all of us involved in the raising & selling of livestock, MUST use proper ethics when using photos/videos to promote, market or advertise livestock.  It is obvious that there is a problem in the industry (goats, sheep, cattle, pigs, horses, probably even racing hamsters).  This latest issue only proves my point that it is a twenty-something issue that feels that they must push the limits on their pictures.  And once you are caught.  Own up to it, shut your mouth (which means don’t text, tweet, email, facebook or whatever other E method you have to voice your stupidity) and don’t do it again.  In this day of social media, people are always watching.  People are always judging.  Once you hit submit or send, it is out there. 

        I hope that we all learn from this.  However, I am not naive and I realize that several did not get the message that was sent by all of the likes and comments.  Here’s to hoping.  Have a good day.