As I start to type this, I realize that I have a typo in the title.  People, that key was stuck.  A week of inactivity combined with honey will do this to a mac keyboard.

Anyways, we have made it back to paradise from Phoenix.  Excellent trip, wicked drive home.  I’ve got lots of thoughts to write about:  eating, well behaved, quality of the show, people, traveling and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Just to give a brief synopsis of the 2018 ANLS:  quality of animals was wicked good.  Best that I have ever seen at Phoenix, all species, top to bottom.  Awesome lineup of judges.  Top shelf showmen.  Food–I am fatter.  People–It’s crazy that I get to get to hang with this high quality of people.

Traveling—and in the words of Kevin Hart, “When old people cuss, they pronounce every letter of the curse word”, so that would be O H, $ H ! T.”     Brief meteorological tour of our trip–Rain in Oklahoma as we were leaving.  I mean, it hadn’t rained in over 9 weeks.   Hail in Amarillo.  Wicked snowstorm on the east side of Albuquerque, during commuter traffic.  Colder than normal in Phoenix.  Snow and ice on the Flagstaff route on departure day.  One left early and took the north route.  We left later and took the south route.  Rain from Phoenix to Tucson.  WTH?  Spent the night in Las Cruces.  Cool, cool drive until Ruidoso then frozen fog, frozen drizzle, 15 mph down the mountain, PUCKERD UP, long day, glad to be home.  We witnessed wrecks, saw spinouts, felt the ass-end of the High Country go sideways when the transmission shifted down (that bothered me).  Cool Highway Patrol people, in numerous states.

Great week, great people, glad to be home, lots of clean stories and…..the Dragon Lady is glad that we are home so she doesn’t have to do chores anymore.  THANK YOU!

Over and out.  I’ll try to hit the keyboard the next several days.


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