I like to read, watch and listen to random trivia.  Worthless crap that will only be valuable if any of you ever need to use me as a lifeline on that millionaire game show.  I also like to kind of learn about the behind the scenes info of successful people.  I also don’t sleep a whole lot.

It intrigues me as to some of the requests that big time stars have before they appear.  Beyonce, Mariah Carey and others have legendary requests/demands/etc.  This makes them a diva. Some rock stars have had some retarded requests.  Adele has a long list of demands.  kanye west is just retarded.  Of course, Will Ferrell’s list will just leave you laughing. Look this stuff up.

All of this led to me watching a kind of behind the scenes show about the rock band Van Halen.  I’ve been a Van Halen fan since the early, early 80’s, bigger fan when they released the 1984 album (yes, album ,tape, whatever).  I saw them live after they became Van Hagar.  Best set of solos that I have every seen–Alex Van Halen on the rising drum set that had lights to match his beat.  Michael Anthony on the bass was AWESOME.  Eddie Van Halen did what made the band famous.  And Sammy Hagar reminded me that he had been very successful before he joined Van Halen.  

One of the most legendary requests is from the early 80s and from the band–Van Halen.  They always requested, in their contracts, a bowl of M&Ms be placed in their dressing room.  AND all brown M&Ms must be removed.  Seems a bit weird, excessive, eccentric, whatever.  WTH?  

According to this rockumentary, there was a reason behind this assinine demand.  Here we go:  Van Halen has always had a demanding stage show including lots of flying over crowds, jumps, pyro, etc.  Their theory was that if they walked into a dressing room and there were brown M&Ms or there wasn’t even a bowl of M&Ms, then they knew to do more safety checks on the stage.  If a concert promoter didn’t take care of a simple item like having a bowl of M&Ms with the brown ones removed, what other important items did they skip over.  They didn’t want to get a band member or roadie hurt because somebody else didn’t follow the list of instructions.  In other words, read the fine print and take care of business.  

I’m about due a good concert.  I fondly remember the time that Connely Wade showed up at the Cimmaron Townhouses A-1 on Perkins Rd. in Stillwater to get me to go to AC/DC.  His wife couldn’t go and he had an extra ticket.  I first told him no and that I needed to study.  But then he pulled in and was blaring the horn.  Since it was pre-cell phone days, I just left a note on the dry-erase board for the roomies–Schoenhals and JayBog.  I just wrote “AC/DC”.  It was a Thursday night and I had 5 tests the next day.  I aced four of them and made like a terrorist and bombed the other one.  As country as Jay Bog has always been, he even admitted that he would have liked to see AC/DC.  

Have a good one and a better tomorrow.  Remember, bumbles bounce.  Have a holly, jolly Christmas!