Yep, that is the term that I am dealing with on this fine Friday evening.  The trailer is loaded–tack, feed, water buckets, 2 bucks to go on lease, wethers from other breeders to be delivered–everything except the 5 wethers that I am selling at Norman on Saturday at noon.  They will get loaded butt-ass early on Saturday, then we will roll.  And I smell.  Like a 44 year old guy that has been sweating that just cuaght 2 yearling bucks and loaded them in a trailer.  Whew!!

     It is with great trepidation that I sell these wethers.  If I was smart, which I can prove that I am not, I would just keep these 5 and not go to another sale.  Duke would have a great year.  But they are for sale.  I truly don’t care how much $s they bring, I just want them in good homes.  A good home makes the difference with a show animal.  Heck, if I was smart, they would still have their balls.  

      Here’s to all of those times that you are filled with trepidation.  Think about it.  First dates, signing up for something that you know that you should do but don’t really want to do, prom (what happens if I get this bra undone?) , parting with something that you probably ought to keep, ordering some weird Chilean Sea Bass dish at Pappadeaux’s or that moment when you know that you shouldn’t be driving but you make the wrong decision.  All of us have those moments that are filled with trepidation.

Here’s to tomorrow and the days to follow.