When dealing with livestock, some sort of training is always involved.  Break to lead, brace, how to stand still on a clipping stand, etc.  But there is also breaking does to go through gate and training does to stay away from you as you walk through a pen while holding a bucket.  It is also common to have to train goats how to eat.

     I have a set of wethers that I recently purchased that had been fed several different feeds.  They are thin, but the parts are there.  It has taken me a little over a week to get these dudes trained to knock the bottom out of the feed pan.  But we are rolling now.  So, maybe by August, I will have them looking like they should.  Training a wether to eat isn’t hard, but it does take some patience, a little time, some know-how, some common sense and most of the time, we can get them eating properly.  

     The signs are right for banding wethers.  Duke and I spent several hours on Monday, banding, worming, vaccinating and ear tagging a pile of goats.  Now, we have a bunch of wethers walking a little humped up.  I just wish there would have been more wethers.  There was a lot of doe kids.  

      Today, Duke and I fought the wind to drive into SW Oklahoma.  We went to look at Schenberger’s offering that will be sold online this week.  That is a nice of goats.  There are several top shelf wethers and a really good set of doe kids.  Well worth your time to go look, call him or bid.  

     We made it back to Shattuck in time for Duke’s ball game.  But it had been cancelled.  Duke and I were the only two that didn’t know.  So, we got Tammy and headed to Woodward to the movies.  Tammy, Duke and I went to watch the movie “How To Train Your Dragon part 2”.  We really liked the first one and this one was well worth the time & money.  I really like these movies.  They are well written and exciting.  I just wish that it would have been the 3D version.  

     And yes, I do find some humour that Duke and I took the Dragon Lady to a “How to Train Your Dragon” movie.  Contrary, to the movie, some things aren’t easily trained.