We should have held a jackpot here at our little piece of paradise this weekend. Lots of traffic at the barn this weekend. Goats and kids from around NW OK showed up. We trimmed hooves, handled condition, worked on showmanship, weighing, discussing feed programs and additives, worked leg hair, etc. Some goats we are starting to hold on, while others we are starting to feed more. This time of year is when we start discussing what goats need to target OYE and which ones will be lucky to make the team to go to the local and county shows. The wether was perfect to be outside messing with animals.

The Taylor girls even brought me a present…a big ass BOX of Special K. This thing is as tall as Duke. Its a good thing their Dad has time to look at Craig’s list on a daily basis so that he can find bargains and unique items.

A week ago, I was dealing with a buck that was acting queer and didn’t want to breed anything. By this Saturday, I had five different bucks here. Obviously, we got some does bred for June babies. Even the disinterested one decide he better get in on the action.


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