Tammy and I had to journey to Waynoka today.  It was tough.  We, along with hundreds of others, had the tough job of attending a funeral.  It was a ceremony for a great kid from a great family that was only months away from graduating OSU and then marrying his high-school sweetheart/best friend.  I had the honor of watching our friend Allan Poe handle the tough job of the eulogy.  He did great.  RIP Layne Meriwether.

Sometime when you can get me in story telling mode, hit me up about Layne, the pirate patch and a state winning speech.  Or ask me about Layne getting Max Redgate to deal on a heifer.  Or ask me about some of my older kids teaching Layne to “shoot the bird”.  Poe Cat and I have stories about this kid that is gone way to soon.  There is a reason GOD took him, but I do not know it.  It’s tough.

We had visitors to the Kelln Kompound on this fine Wednesday evening.  A mother and son had asked if they could come interview me about goats for a 4H speech.  They are from Texas and drove an hour to do this.  I’m not going to say no to a kid that is tough enough to drive to Fargo and talk to me about goats.  That is one of the great things about the agriculture industry.  I think that about anybody will stop and talk to a kid about the industry.  Personally, I think that it is a requirement to take time and help kids.  Especially if they are tough enough to ask questions and then tough enough to give a speech.  I love it!

Speaking of tough.  I had to pick up a package at the post office this morning.  More baby chickens.  Is it not amazing that these things hatched on Tuesday, put in a box, shipped via the US Postal Service to Fargo, America and are perfectly fine when I opened the box?  Those things are tough.  Now that they are here, the Dragon Lady (aka Crazy Chicken Lady) will have them spoiled.

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