Too late?

Starting to hear from a lot of people that are all of a sudden needing help getting their goats ready. Even though they have had them all winter, they haven’t done much with them other than dump feed in front of them twice a day. Now they realize that they have a month until they are done and they realize that it might be too late to get things done right. They all have an excuse and it normally has something to do with basketball.

I do think that there are way too many basketball games, but this is only an excuse if you let it be one. I know some families are running goats at lunch hour. Others before school. They practice setting up at night in the barn or in the garage. You for sure have to maximize weekends to work goats properly. It just takes hard work and creativity. And yes, even the parents have to help sometimes. These kids will be successful as they learn hard work, time management and priorities.

And sometimes they don’t use basketball as an excuse. Sometimes, it is just laziness. Either way, its okay if you aren’t working your show animals, because somebody is at home working theirs. And that is who wins.

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