Tolerance, Racism, Bullying, etc…

I watched a tv program on this fine evening that covered all of the aforementioned topics plus some.  It was just an hour long program but it covered hot button topics of current times.  This show identified issues of racism, bullying, tolerance of others and finding a place for each and every soul.  The current year is 2018 but this tv show was made in 1964.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Yes, it is one of the most popular stories of all-time.  We, here in paradise, set our family clock around watching this little piece of clay-mation artistry.  Do the graphics stand up to the test of time?  Heck YES!!!   How?

I’ll tell you how.  I can look at modern video games that Duke plays.  I can hardly tell if he is watching a movie or playing a game.  The graphics are cool but….is it a game.  But, if you show me a Galaga, Super Tecmo Bowl, Duck Hunt or Mike Tyson’s Super Punch Out video games,  DUDE! those old school graphics take me back to a happy place.  And yet, they still hold up.

Much like a future movie to be released in 2019.  Some things do NOT need to be remade.  The Lion King does not need to be updated.  It was dang neart perfect the first time.  It was such a well made movie that parts of that movie are part of our current culture.  The hyenas, Poomba & Timon, Rafiki, Simba and of course, Mufasa.   OOooohhhh, say it again.   Mufasa.  U can bet that I don’t pay to watch the new version.  No need.

Watch Rudolph and think about the story lines.  He and Hermie the Elf are bullied.  Nobody wants a nose with color.  And nobody wants a dentist in the vicinity.  Later, because of their skill set(s), others become tolerant of them and even allow them to bring the toys from Misfit Island.  Much like another show about tolerance & racism—“…but we dont want the Irish!”  Then, they too digressed and displayed tolerance for others, “Oh, prairie $h!t.  Everybody.”

Pop quiz time.

What do bumbles do?     They bounce.

Do reindeer have eyelashes?      Clarice dang sure does.

How does Yukon Cornelius’s sled keep from going in circles?  I mean, all the short legged dogs are on one side while bigger dogs on the other side.  IDK?!

What does the squirt gun squirt on the Island of Misfit Toys?        Jelly

What dinner do Bumbles prefer over venison?      Pork.   Well, I guess, at least we know that the Bumble wasn’t Jewish, Muslim or 7th Day Adventist.  What does that mean?  Nothing.  Because he didn’t have no teeth, I’m guessing he liked soup.  That is soup with bacon in it.

If this show was made today, one of the deer would have to be of Asian decent, another of Hispanic heritage, Burl Ives would have an Indian dialect (dot not feather) and Hermie would probably be gay.  Wait?  What?  I already thought he was.  Well, he would at least be openly gay in today’s remake.  Plus, ol’ Donner wouldn’t have been able to tell Mrs. Donner that she needed to stay at home.

Here’s the other thing that I noticed from tonights showing.  Which, by the way, looked exactly like the past 40plus years of watching this show.  An hour episode with only 4, four, yes (4) commercial breaks.  And they were shorter than normal.  One, this show was made in 1964 when things were made better.  You can’t trim any part of this show to make it fit inside of an hour and still air all of the normal commercials.  Two, there were NO fast food, pop or beer commercials during this hour.  Three, all commercials were Christmas shopping oriented.  HUGE companies only.  Four, I bet these commercial time slots are expensive.


Here’s what I else I learned while watching Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.  Being that I am an openly addicted judge of all things livestock, I could not help but to evaluate Rudolph.  First, he is elevated in his front one-third.  He is jack necked and round bodied.  He has good lines and an extremely cocky appearance.  The red nosed reindeer is also extremely wide from stifle to stifle and travels very wide at the ground.  However, he is short from shoulder to hip and is borderline straight in his shoulder angle as well as from his front knee to the ground.  However, this structural extremity almost gives him the appearance of prancing and does not, in any way,  inhibit this deer from performing.  This beast has packed a maximum amount of muscle on this skeleton and combined it with an almost comical amount of a cocky, cool look that when is added to the extreme color that this one posseses makes this one truly, a unique individual.  I like this one a lot.

Were we talking deer or wether goats?  Wait, who’s the sire of that thing?  I know.


I’ve got to get away from this keyboard.  Have a good one and a better tomorrow.  And if you haven’t done anything to help somebody else, well, get offa yo dongkey and do it now!  It is the season.  Year-round!  Prestige Worldwide.

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