What I learned on January, 23, 2018

–Duke and I can catch all the does, sort the right 16, load two bucks, then load those does, move all of these into two different pens, then move 2 other bucks and trailer unhooked–all within 26 minutes, no cussing, no rocks thrown, no physical or verbal abuse of man nor beast.  It’s a miracle.  Then we headed to Shattuck with 2 pickups.  It was at this point that I thought to myself—How in the heck are we going to get back to Fargo?

–I need more pickups.  Normally there is a pile of pickups sitting around here.  But not today.  I left the ag pickup at school.  I had to take the High Country to the shop as there was a check engine light on.  Who knows which electronic deal may be wrong on that deal (too many gadgets)?  And we left Duke’s in Shattuck hooked to a trailer with a calf in it so Dad can deliver the calf to the butcher shop.  Luckily, Tammy left Woodward and came to Shattuck to pick us 2 meatheads up.  

–I think that I want to eat a Kunekune pig.  I have never seen one of these in real life, but they are supposed to have high marbling qualities and they look tasty.  A grazing pig with a name that is fun to say.

–I think that I want a Hattori Hanzo sword.  Kill Bill is on.  If I can’t have an actual light saber, a samurai sword will have to do.

–Yes, Quiet Riot’s “Cum on feel the noise” is still a classic.

–Thank goodness that the Launder 365 will wash goat blankets.  Duke sent me with a bag and they were not clean.


Have a good one.


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