I loaded up a few kids that needed to find a new home.  I drove to the piece of paradise west of Fairview.  Two sundays ago, Duke and I loaded the majority of our doe herd.  I can tell you for a fact that 38 mature does will fit in a 6×16 stock trailer.  I left 9 does at Fairview.  Yesterday, I made it back to pick them up.  Of course, they were as far away as possible at 2:30 in the afternoon and it was hot.  No gator, no 4 wheeler.  Just my fat ass trekking across the cedar canyons to find them.  I got them sorted and loaded and then I headed to Perry. 

     This was my first visit to the Perry goat sale.  Got 4 does and 4 kids unloaded.  They told me that they would be in pen 44B.  I asked if that was the high dollar pen.  They laughed and said, “All of pens are high dollar pens.”  We’ll see about that.

     I hadn’t been to Perry in a year.  So, I called Milligan to look at his new additions.  Holy crap!  He has spent a pile on panels, carports, feeders, etc.  I feel his pain.  Very functional set of facilities.  Millligan and I agree that good facilities, fences, etc. are a MUST for raising goats in Oklahoma.  It just makes things better.

     The welcoming committee was there in full force.  Big I was in a great mood.  Elliott was moving sticks around.  I didn’t have time to stay and they had appointments, so all parties were on good behavior. 

     I made it back to the Kompound at Fargo in time to look at a wether fighting kidney stones.  My question is “How come it is always a good one that has stones?”  Its never a common one that has problems.  Oh well. 

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