I really hope that I don’t see nor hear any thunder this weekend.  Several people are traveling from other states to look at online sale bucks.  However, the weather people are saying that we have a chance of wet weather.  I don’t want wet.  Not at this time.  We are not set up for showing bucks in the rain.

However, there is a non-descript early 90s band called Thunder.  I even have a Thunder song in my rotisserie of songs on iTunes.  That song is called “Dirty Love”.  I even bred Joe Dirt back to some Dirt daughters hoping for a buck that we could call “Dirty Love”.  It did not happen.  There were some wicked good double bred Dirt wethers (res. grand at Tulsa and another that was reserve at the state fair of OK) and some bad donkey double dirt females that produced well.

Speaking of thunder, I looked at some cool calves out of a bull called Thunder.  And I wasn’t far from home.


If you can’t tell, it has been hard to sit down at this keyboard and write.  Some stuff–well, I just do not want to talk about.   But I will when asked.  Some stuff, I shouldn’t talk about.  Other stuff, well, we will discuss more this summer.

Load your ass up, grab a cooler and come sit south of Fargo.  You can hear all the Thunder that you ever wanted.


And as I finish typing, a band from the late 80s/early 90s sparks up the speakers.

Top rock songs–to be continued.  Thanks, have a good one and a better tomorrow.


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