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“Excuse me while I whip this out!”

I came into the house to eat.  Turned on the tube and one of the Hobbit movies were airing….again.  I love those movies.  The books were bad ass as well.  My question as I watched the battle parts…again….If the Dwarves & Elves are so wicked in battle, how come they are always outnumbered?

We hauled several hundred bales of very clean, bright wheat straw this weekend.  This evening, we picked up a load of small square alfalfa bales.  2nd cutting on a first year stand of alfalfa.  Big leaves and thin stems.  We loaded more than I planned nor had proper room.  It will work out.  Anytime you can get good hay, get it.  That reminds me of something else.

It is scary as to how many forms of communication a person can use.  I don’t use snap chat or instagram.  I only half ass use book face.  I sometimes check messenger.  Occasionally, I use a blog.  I check emails on a quasi regular basis.  Texts….eenhh?!  I’m either really good at replying or it is a time-delay kind of deal.

No matter.  I have friends that correspond on a real regular basis.  Texts–Jeff Spake is the king.  Group texts–Ronnie Swigart and Jake Kelln are more prolific than an orgy of in-heat rabbits.  Messenger–Troy Gosney is king.  He sends a lot.  And I look at all of it.  I just don’t reply to much of it. Today, he sent a news article that concerns today’s headlines.  Google it.  “Cancel twitter tweaking with sports stars” by Jason Whitlock.  This is an excellent read. The dude is spot on.

Goz also sent a video link of a medical doctor talking on a news channel.  This Dr. is espousing how good the cortico-steroid which is called Dexamethasone is at treating the Rona.  This drug has been around since 1957.  Every stock show person needs to watch this.  He is right.  He is so right that all of us are like, “No shit!”   Yeah, Dex helps with cleaning out lungs and improving blood flow.  It also induces labor, strengthens lungs on newborns, pops tops, tightens hides, removes swelling from hocks and increases appetite.  If Dex is this good, how bout hitting these Rona patients with some Depomedral?  Not the compounded stuff, just the regular Pfizer over-the counter stuff.  Well, okay, maybe use the off-label stuff and get this over with quicker.

The Goz responded with this quote.   “Stock show folks all over the nation are going “Hold my beer!  We’re going show’n!”

People, the dude is right on the money.  Not because stock showers are looking for ways to cheat.  Stock showers look for every thing that keeps an animal healthy and on point.  I use it on does, cows, sows, ewes, lambs, piglets, calves, kids and I very rarely use Dex or Depo on wethers.  However, if needed, I know where to look up the dosages.  Neither drug provides performance enhancing boosts.   But, on the right animal, every little bit helps.  Dex gets used on people.  Catch some poison oak.  They will give you a shot of dex in order to reduce swelling.  Just one example.

Outside of dealing with cancer, heart and brain diseases, I can argue that stock show and horse people understand livestock medicine as well as most, maybe more than others.  It isn’t cheating if you are keeping a being at optimal health, stay within withdrawal times and show rules.

And for goats, there are very few drugs/wormers/ parasiticides that are even labeled for usage on goats.  Most of what I use on a regular basis is “Off-label” when it comes to goats.  But, I’ve had to learn what works and what doesn’t.  There were NO vets in this part of the world that had any goat knowledge when we started down this path.  Now, there aren’t many that have dealt with many goats.  I had to learn.  And yes, at times, there has been a “Cure ’em or kill ’em” mentality.  And more often than not, we cured ’em.  My success rate at taking a goat to the vet—we don’t want to publish that.  My success rate is WAY better.  It’s not that I am smarter or better.  But I see these beasts on a daily basis and have spent time researching and talking to others that have dealt with similar issues.  And my research has shown that goat breeders know MORE than vets.

I know of numerous vets that call Jodi Seelke for goat health and reproductive advice.  Tammy & I use Jodi as a resource.  She researches everything that comes her way.  And she is always on point.

I’ve had texts from three different states regarding the Blazing Saddles “retarded” post.  Despite all current advertised polling, we are all in agreeance.  (is that last word an actual term)  There are only two types of people-good and bad.  There is only one race–the human race.  Yes, Slim Pickens was great!

And his best line–“Somebody go back and get a shitload of dimes!”


And to complete the retardation, there is this random thought that is not completely my original thought nor anothers.  Just stupid, yet thought provoking.  Mel Brooks covered about every racial, sexual, religious and every other socio-economic slur that was present at the time of the making of that movie.  But, he couldn’t see into the future.  If so, Mongo would have said, “Mongo not gay, transgender, questioning, identifying as woman, or bisexual.  Mongo don’t know.  Mongo only pawn in game of life.”

Then, that would have made that movie the most insensitive movie of all-time.  And even though they made fun of Catholics, whites, Germans and they didn’t want the Irish…at no time was I offended.

Get out and work.  Do something.  Help somebody.  Be a neighbor.  Teach something.  Thank someone.  Eat something new.  Go outside.  Work in your yard/garden.  Do good by others.  Don’t always worry about what it costs.  Just go do something GOOD!



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