I wasn’t pissed on Saturday night when I wrote that blog.  Had a few calls, more texts and some emails.  Nobody did me wrong.  I wasn’t mad at anybody.  Just frustrated.  The next day brought a better mood and I began to have more thoughts.  

I thought, I really need to go look at the kids around my place.  I did.  And my un-paid help/entertainment from the 73858 zip code showed up to help.  After we were done, I thought, I don’t need very many over-priced goats.  I can sell these and be done. I will sell them for less money, but get them to good homes.  

I thought, where have the BEST bucks, BEST does, and BEST wethers sold to over the past five years?  Hhmm!  They have ALL gone to Oklahoma.  Why? Because we have good taste and we are borderline retarded.  Bryan Kennedy, Michael Thompson, Tommy Milligan and myself have continued to prove that we know good livestock and are dumber than the rest when it comes to buying.  Own ’em.  I might not get a goat bought in OK either, but at leat I can spend a few evenings and try to buy the wethers we need and not travel.  Why would I not do that?  Heck, today, some of my very favorite partners loaded their goats up and drove out to this piece of paradise.  I’m glad they did.  I bought two wethers from them.  Why ask why?  I thought, heck, some people get it.  

I also thought, I have the items that EVERY breeder needs.  I have showmen that will work and will get them shown right.  I have showmen with parents that understand what it takes to show good livestock–regardless of species.  I have help–I mean, when you have Michael Thompson, Bill Taylor, Travis Schovanec, Tyke Greer, etc, etc, etc.  Then I have help to get animals fed and shown properly.  A whole bunch of guys that have proven track records, that don’t get paid, but have a LARGE time and respect a job well done.  I can buy in volume and I know what it costs to raise a good one.  I understand fair market value.  If I was doing this gig for a living, it might be different.  But since it is a hobby/addiction….well, we can do what we want.

I thought, if you can sell a goat online–without a picture–then well, it will be okay. That buyer is going to be happy with their purchase.  It isn’t about the animal.  It is about the character of the seller and what they can provide.  It is about the kids, not goat kids, the kids that show them.  And when the people that you help trust you enough to rear back and buy one sight unseen, without a picture/video….well, I get a little like Phil on Duck Dynasty—Happy, Happy, Happy.  (For you people that read this like metamucil–in other words, regularly), we obviously kind of like that tv program.  When the people selling show animals forget about why they got in this game in the first place, then you are seeing a breeder that will soon be out of this game.  

Next to last thought for the night…if money is the driving factor.  Sell out.  Be done.  Go buy some stocks or silver or something.  When I buy a goat, I am buying into a program.  My thought is that the breeder should be on the same page.  If not, somebody else will cash my checks.  And nobody has to worry about my checks clearing.  

      One last thought that involves stuff way more important than goats.  It is Memorial Day.  None of us can do what we do, when we want to do it, like we do now without the people that have served  in our armed forces.  Those that have lived through wars and died for the cause have made this nation what it is.  And we should NEVER forget this fact.  People have died and lives have been changed to preserve our rights.  It doesn’t matter who you voted for as long as you remember those that defended the rights of all of us.  And do NOT forget those that are willing to stand up and serve, right now.  Veterans and current military men and women need our prayers, respect and thanks.  That is all they ask of us.  GOD speed to all those defending us. 

Just a thought.