Thoughts, random thoughts

      It has been a Thursday, all day long.  Not all bad though.  I don’t know if my internet connection is working really good, or if some videos just BOUNCE better than others.  Bouncy, squishy, happy.  Either way, it makes for a good evening.  

     I had to order more stuff for the greenhouse.  I really don’t have a clue what I am doing with this project, but I have good help and we are learning.  I called the plant pimp and told them what I was looking for…no, I didn’t have a part #, catalog page or even a proper description, so I played the dumb ag teacher card and described it, kind of like I was giving reasons and she said, “Oh, you need the blank 4 inch writable strips for ID purposes.  Is white okay?”  I said, “Yes”.  She asked, “How many?”  I said, “A bunch.  I don’t know, how many comes in a box?”  She replied, “Well, there are quite a few in a box.”  I then said, “Alright, are we talking a butt-load or a crap-load?”  She laughed and replied, “I would say a crap load.”  To which I asked, “Which is bigger–a butt load or a crap load?”  She professionally answered, “Sir, I would have to say a crap load is bigger.”  And then I asked, “Technically, shouldn’t a butt load hold a crap load?”  After telling her to ship me a box of white and a box of red, I would have to say that I got an effing butt load of these things.  And yes, I agree that a crap load sounds like more than a butt load.  But, a butt load will hold a crap load.  

      So, I was talking to a fellow goat breeder this morning.  The Jared Schneberger of Schneberger Show Goats in Carnegie, OK.  He had texted me that he had raised the grand wether at the SW district show last night.  I had replied congrats, but I later missed his call with the show report.  So, we talked this morning.  He went to talking about how he didn’t know if his bucks sired consistently.  I thought about then asked, “Don’t you only have about 30 does? And didn’t “1315” sire the grand wether at the SW district, a res. div at Tulsa and the reserve grand at Kansas City for you?”  He laughed, like only Jared can laugh.  I said, “We all need an inconsistent sire like that.” Congrats to all that won there.

      Have I ever mentioned that I really like the song “Yellow Rose of Texas” by Johnny Lee?  That’s a great song.

I’m looking at another pair of not-cheap jeans that I wear to do chores.  I either need to get longer legs or shorter panels as the crotch is somewhow ripped out of these.  Right at the seam.  Kind of like welding.  Did the weld break or the metal next to the weld? This isn’t the first time it has happened and nobody will sew them.  I would not like to be a sewing machine salesman as I don’t think anybody knows how to sew anymore.  Well, except for those kids overseas in the sweatshops that work for Nike and whoever else makes shoes and clothes.  Then again, judging by the ripped crotch in these jeans, maybe they don’t know how to sew very well either.  

It’s crunch time for OYE.  If you hadn’t got the work done by now, then you probably ain’t going to get it done right.  Good luck to all as we head for Friday and the weekend.  Horseshoes and shamrocks.