Thoughts on this day

Where to begin?  i know that I am behind on this blog.  My fault.  Let’s ramble.

Happy birthday to a couple of cool chicks–Chesley Comstock(18) and Mindi Clark(??).  We look forward to continued great things from Chesley Comstock.  And as for DR. Mindi Clark–cheers to another birthday to my favorite daughter’s best ag teacher.  These two ladies always put me in a better mood (not that anybody could tell).  I love being around super successful women that make my kids behave.  This is what I love about the FFA/4H/Stock Show circles–Kela looks up to Mindi (excuse me–Dr. Clark).  Chesley looks up to Kela.  Duke looks up to Chesley.  That isn’t exactly true as I think that at this point–all of them have to look UP to Duke as he is taller than the rest.  And the best part is that Tammy is always in a WAY GOOD MOOD when she deals with these people.  And that makes me happy. 

Heard that Merle Haggard passed away. This doesn’t help me as I am beginning to look old, feel older and this proves it.  I love great music–all kinds.  It is a well known fact that my iPod is loaded with a wide vareity with one constant–it is all good.  I do know that both of my offspring are well versed in the history of good music.  I’m not worried about either of their musical tastes.  Which brings us to a story.

Last year, as I returned to teaching, my very first class of the very first day back to the very school wich I grew up in, led me to having the Shattuck 8th grade Ag Explorations class.  Not only was Duke in this class, but several Kelln cousins as well as several other offspring of other ex-ag teachers and offspring of people that I grew up with.  But there was also a new move in kid from Darrouzett, TX.  Red headed, cowpoke dressed and quiet.  Until you talked to him.  Then it became apparrent that he had opinions and thoughts and he wasn’t afraid to telll you these thoughts and opinions, IF you were smart enough to ask the right questions.  I liked it.  

As I was trying to relate to a whole new generation, I asked each student a few questions–favorite movie, favorite song, favorite food, etc.  This one hit the ball right back up the middle–John Wayne movies, Merle Haggard, calf fries and Baxter Black is my favorite author.  Wait…what?!  I knew that I liked this kid.  Of course, he and Duke and several others are good buddies now.  And tonight when I asked Duke, “You heard Merle passed?”  In the flat-line voice that Duke chooses to use, “Yep and you can guess who told me first.”  I didn’t have to wonder.  

My favorite Merle Haggard song–whew–as much as I like the “Okie from Muskogee”  and how can you go wrong with Merle & Willie on “Pancho & Lefty”.  Of course, “Mama Tried” ties to all of us.  But, the song Rainbow Stew always hits me hard.  “I’ll be drinking that free bubb-a-lubb and eating that rainbow stew.”  That’s great word-smith right there boys and girls.  Play that song and listen to the words.  It is a timely little ditty that sounds more light-hearted than it actually is.  

On a really serious note, I talked to a buddy of mine that operates north of Woodward towards Freedom.  He literally had thousands of acres of land burned up.  He isn’t sure how many cows/calves are lost or how many round bales of hay got burnt.  He was physically and mentally beat down.  But, he had this to say, “I ain’t never seen fire move like that.  It wasn’t a fair fight.  All I know is that I I found my best 50 yearling replacement heifers this morning.  All of them.  I can rebuild.  We cut fences and opened gates.  I pray for those cows and calves.  I haven’t heard of anybody losing their lives.  I’ll help anybody rebuild.  I sent a couple of semi loads of hay to Kansas last week.  I hope that I don’t need a favor but I ain’t worried.  Ag people take care of  ag people.  We all needed those cedars burnt; but we weren’t looking for this kind of fire.  As long as nobody is hurt, it will be fine.”  When I offered to help rebuild fence, he replied, “I noticed that you paid to have your fences built.  I reckon that there is a reason why.”  I wasn’t offended.  

On another serious note.  I highly recommend eating a lunch with your parents.  Two Saturdays ago, I went to a bull sale with my Dad and ate a sale time burger.  Excellent trip.  Today, I met my Mom for a quick lunch.  Excellent trip.  Nothing serious either time.  Just enough to make a hard-ass like myself realize that sometimes a person just needs to slow down and realize that one should slow down, look around and……yep.  Yes, my parents need to realize that their MIDDLE son is a disapointment and that they need to write him off.  They should have named him Richard.  

Speaking of rambling–another one of Duke’s buddies brought Tammy and I a really cool home-made display.  It is a baseball home-plate wood cut-out with an un-stitched baseball made into a cross centered on the plate.  This horse-hide cross is surrounded by the words, “Everyone commits errors but his sacrifice will get you HOME.”  Have I mentioned that our kids have really good friends?  Well, just ask me and I will gladly tell you what I think.  And if you really want a valid opinion, just ask the Dragon Lady.  

Things are good here in paradise but could always be better.  Here’s to hoping that you all had a good day and a better tomorrow.  Cheers!


p.s.  Maybe it’s just me, but my mood always spikes upward a bit when I hear the first couple of guitar licks of “Sweet Home Alabama”.  Random!