Thoughts, memories…..current stuff?!

As I begin to really have to deal with this dispersal, my mind is rolling with thoughts, memories, emotions and joy.  Could I keep it going?  Yes.  Do I have the help?  NO!  Do I/WE want to?  NO.  It is time.  Maybe even past time.  But no matter.  We will be offering some good stuff over the next couple of months.  Why are we stretching it out?  1–Time.  2–I’ve got a couple of decades into this deal, I can wait a couple of weeks or months.

I am aware that some of you readers are waiting on a royal Kelln melt-down.  It may happen but let’s be real.  I haven’t had any fear before, so why would not owning some goats change that.  I have and will always defy the crooked bastards in any industry.  I didn’t like your new president and he is making me look like I was right.  I don’t want to be right.  But, I am.

I wish we were doing a dispersal in Washington D.C.  But the only bidder would be China putting in a max bid and some online sale hosts would be doing all of the bidding to max out the bids.

Why the dispersal?

Simple.  It isn’t fun.  Tammy nor I am in a good mood while dealing with goats.  We loved the kids that showed goats.  I like the bucks.  We love the babies.  WE HATE THE FEMALE DOE GOAT!  It’s that simple.

After washing, clipping and picturing this last set of bucks, it is apparent how big an asset Duke was to the operation.  He helped break them to show.  He understands all aspects of the game.  Setting up, washing, clipping, behind the camera and setting them up.  Plus, a huge plus, he was coachable.  He could work with Helms, Gallagher, Braden Schovanec, Milligan, Bryan Kennedy and his dad.

I’ve always had great help on picture day.  All of you online buyers should come and watch the behind the scene work and efforts.  It is a LOT of work with a lot of moving pieces.  That is why I get so pissy when I get a text from some random # wanting more pics, video, can you take another pic from this angle?  RUFSM?  I hate this part of the current industry.  Call me.  I’ll be brutally honest.

I might oblige if they included their name with the text.  But, no.  It is always some low-rent tire-kicking bastard that will bid at 8 am and then is out.  If you text me, include your name.  Otherwise, go waste somebody else’s time.  Ass clowns!

Delivery.  There is NOBODY in the industry that deals with delivery of livestock better than I.  I will go the extra mile to get an animal on a trailer.  I prefer Rodney Washmon and Bob May.  Why?  One is damn good and a good friend.  The other is a friend and invented the livestock hauling industry.  But, I will gladly deal with anybody.  If an animal is going to the SouthEast, I will meet Andrew Israel or whomever.  Lippert, gladly.  Just remember, hauling is the BUYER’s responsibility.  But, I truly feel that when a breeder signs up for an online sale, they must be prepared to accommodate the hauler and the buyer within reason.

I would like to teach a goat history class.  Too many don’t know the history and don’t respect the previous efforts.  They use lines, 900 bred, 191 grandson or just the names of the breeder’s.

Time to stop.

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