Thoughts….just thoughts

I’ve been a little TOO on point lately.  Time to get back to some randomness.

Drove to KC and back.  Luckily, for me, channel 27 on XM radio was playing a tribute to Eddie Van Halen.  This meant that various artists were playing their favorite Van Halen songs.  I’m not saying that Van Halen was the best rock band ever.  They just happened to make some of the best songs of the 80s & 90s.  Regardless of who was singing…. the wicked guitar, backed by a perfect bass and a driving drum beat is timeless.

I thought that the KC sheep show was as deep as I have ever seen.  So, so many good animals that were well presented.  Thankfully, Clayton Washmon was able to find a premium sale slot.  I’m not bashing a judge tonight, but the animal that sticks out in my mind was a blue sheep that the Schmillen boy was showing.  I saw this creature come through the tunnel under the stands.  Then, I saw him shown.  Maybe, class 19. This one was a specimen.  And he was 3rd in class.  He wouldn’t have been if I had a say.  His image would be made into a logo.

I normally do not enjoy watching the goat judge line up stock.  I’ve got stories but I reserve the right to keep my mouth shut at this time.  (That’s twice in one night!)  Not an easy task.  The top end of every goat class was good.  Then, it dropped off.  The division & reserve champs were all on point.

The show ring setup at KC was stellar.  At one point, I was sitting in one place, and watching a division champion goat show, then the grand steer selection and then a division champion lamb drive.  THANKS to the people at the American Royal for putting this show on during these trying times.  Judging from the parking spots, lots of people were happy to attend a show.

We had a great dining experience on Thursday night.  A crew of us had to work to find a BBQ place that was open.  Gate’s made room for us and it was fun.  Good food and good people make for a fun dining experience.  I’ll remember the kids laughter and stories far longer than I will remember who won what.

I enjoy scooping a saltine cracker into a pot of chili.  I can founder while doing that.  Am I the only one?  I think not.

It was dry all the way there and back.  South of Fargo, America we are extremely dry.  It will rain.  Just don’t plan on when.

Recently, I have been told by numerous readers, that their favorite material to read while sitting on the throne, is this blog. As a person that constantly reads while on the throne, I take this as a compliment. And if you don’t like any of this, just wipe, flush and walk away.

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