Thoughts from Kelln

Here we go!

Posted on September 30, 2013

    Yes, the weatherpeople were right.  We got about .7″ on Friday night/early Saturday morning.  Perfect.  Just enough that JQ could bury my 4 wheeler in a terrace channel on Sunday evening.  I mean buried.  Thank goodness I took the Gator to the store to get serviced.         What did we do on a beautiful Saturday evening?  Well, we went and watched Larry the Cable Guy in Woodward, OK.  Yes, a

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Friday, Friday, Friday!!

Posted on September 27, 2013

     Friday is here.  Saturday will be better.  The weather people are calling it a 100% chance of rain tonight and tomorrow morning.  We’ll see.  It looks like we finally stopped the chinese from spamming my email account.  You want to talk about something that looks wicked, try looking at 25 to 30 emails in your inbox that are in chinese letters.  Maybe, it was actually some chinese people needing show goats or semen

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Message Board

Posted on September 26, 2013

      I love it when a message board can BLOW up without people getting nasty and mad.  Without a doubt, the main reason that first took off was the message board.  Breeders, interested parties, & most of all ag teachers had to check the message board to see what was being written.  Most hid behind a fake name.  Some of us always signed in with our real names.  But then, it became

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Dire need

Posted on September 24, 2013

     If you are in dire need of reading some great wisdom that came from the depths of my mind, then go to message board and read my reply to the “question” of the day.  It does come with a dis-claimer.  You probably won’t be any smarter after reading.     Stay flexible but not limp.

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State Fair of OK

Posted on September 22, 2013

     The great state fair is over with.  It was a successful trip.  Our crew got along really well in the wether show.  Lexi Vanderwork had the grand wether (Helms).  Braden Schovanec had the res. grand wether (double bred Joe Dirt from Tyke).  Bree Taylor had the res. lightweight behing Lexi and the res. heavy was a Rainman kid from Poe.       What about Duke?  Well, he was 6th with his little

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I got some!

Posted on September 20, 2013

     Yep, I got some rain last night.  1.6″ in all 3 gauges around the farm.  It is an official measurement as I cleaned the dead bugs out of the gauges right as the rain started about 5 pm yesterday.  It was a really good rain.  No wind.  It came straight down from 5 to about 9.  Time to get the drills ready because there will be a lot of wheat drilled in this

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     It is a well-known fact that I despise dealing with does.  I like cows, liked a few sows, dealt with some hens that were decent, ewes–nope, they hatch more sheep, so I am OUT!  But does?  I would rather slam my head in a sliding glass door than deal with mature does.  I say/write this and get replies like “I love my does.  You should be nicer to them and they will love

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Sunday Night

Posted on September 16, 2013

      I saw a shit load (excuse me, an ass load;  which is more?)  I saw a pile of show goats today.  Way good goats, better people.  These kind of deals make for great competition.  The better ones go home and get serious.         I promised the Dragon Lady that I would go to the drive in movie at Shattuck and watch GREASE.  I have no problem watching a movie where

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Friday the 13th

Posted on September 14, 2013

     Superstitious.  Am I?  In a wierd way.  I do some things in repitition because it worked once.  I will avoid other things because it worked once before.  Does the #13 scare me?  Nope.  And dang sure not on a Friday.  I’ve got some really good memories from happenings on Friday the 13th.  I actually like the #.  I may be jinxed in some regards, but it isn’t because of some wierd crap or

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After 5:30

Posted on September 13, 2013

     We generally close the store at 5:30.  It is crazy the amount of business that goes on after that time.  Tonight was ridiculous.  Agreed to prices on 2 new combines, a new big tractor and a loader tractor.  Traded 4wds.  The truck driver wasn’t home yet from delivering new stuff and picking up trade ins.  The shop was still installing wheel weights, loaders and fixing stuff.  Then, I went home.  I needed to

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