Thoughts from Kelln


Posted on May 10, 2015
    I have had a large time the past several days.  Nope…there wasn’t any parties.  Not many great stories.  Nothing but me living the dream.  I have fun just looking at good stock.  And I really like looking at good stock when dealing with great people.  Well heck, that’s just what I did the past several days.        I left paradise early on Thursday morning.  I headed south and crossed the Red


Posted on May 9, 2015
     I’m not old, but my daughter is getting there.  She is now a quarter of a century old.  When I was her age, I had been teaching for three years and she was 6 years old.  Her mother and I are really proud of what she has done thus far with those 25 years.  Kela has been a huge role model for her younger.  Thank goodness that Tammy and I are not grandparents…yet.


Posted on May 7, 2015
or arbitrary.  Both of these terms mean Random.  And that is where we are heading…in a random path with no general path or direction.  For example, I would think that Moore, OK has the highest home/building insurance of anywhere in the US.  It has become an annual news event as to what kind of tornasty or other bad storm is headed for Moore.  Luckily, this time it was just flooding.  But dang, I feel for


Posted on May 6, 2015
     As I sit here at my desk, in front of this mac screen, wondering, I realize that I need some tunes.  Def bet.   Better yet some Tesla.  Anyways, I am just wondering.  I’m wondering what this weekend has in store for me.  Work or fun?  Will it cost me money? Will I learn anything?  I bet that I do.  I tend to learn something new everyday.  Some of this learning translates


Posted on May 5, 2015
    I didn’t bet on the Kentucky Derby this year.  I haven’t been to Vegas in a couple of years.  I almost never go to any of the casinos in Oklahoma.  But I’m sitting here looking at a flush protocol for this summer.  This may be worse than gambling.  Last year’s flush deal only kind of worked.  But I feel the need to try, try again.  It’s almost addictive. There is a feelling that


Posted on May 4, 2015
    Where to go next?  This is probably the most common question in the livestock industry.  Where are the trends heading?  Where do we go next to find the buck that we need?  The goat industry is probably harder to find the next piece just for the simple fact the genetic pool of really good goats is smaller as compared to other species.  A breeder can keep a buck or two, but most likely

Big Day

Posted on May 2, 2015
I’ve been hooked up today.  Gardening chores, burned horns (didn’t take long as there aren’t enough wethers), then I sat a cattleguard.  Now, I’ve made it in front of the tube for the Derby.  I love a good horse rarace.  For that matter, I like pig races and dog races as well.  And down the stretch they come!  That was a fun race.  Several horses made the favorite work for that win.  Now for the


Posted on May 2, 2015
The police officer got out of his car as the kid who was stopped for speeding rolled down his window. “I’ve been waiting for you all day,” the officer said. The kid replied, “Yeah?  Well I got here just as fast as I could.” When the cop finally stopped laughing, he sent the kid on his way without a ticket. I can say that this has never happened to me.  I did, however, have a

2 N 1 Day

Posted on April 27, 2015
      2nd blog post in the same day.  Did the Real World deal after church this morning and now this.  Tammy and I made it down west of Vici for a quasi-birthday celebration of sorts.  I’m not good with birth dates but Newt Sweet and Kelli Sweet both had recent b-days (maybe even today) and Tesha the Bruce also had a B-day today or somewhere close. No matter, happy birthday to all involved.

Real World

Posted on April 26, 2015
     I have had to re-evaluate quite a bit about AgEd programs the past couple of weeks.  AgEd and FFA are supposed to teach real world principles.  I have always thought these programs did just this as well as or better than any other school programs.  But, I have had to learn that this greenhouse deal and now, the agri-science program may be almost as good as a public speaking program.