Thoughts from Kelln

Friday the 13th

Posted on September 14, 2013

     Superstitious.  Am I?  In a wierd way.  I do some things in repitition because it worked once.  I will avoid other things because it worked once before.  Does the #13 scare me?  Nope.  And dang sure not on a Friday.  I’ve got some really good memories from happenings on Friday the 13th.  I actually like the #.  I may be jinxed in some regards, but it isn’t because of some wierd crap or

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After 5:30

Posted on September 13, 2013

     We generally close the store at 5:30.  It is crazy the amount of business that goes on after that time.  Tonight was ridiculous.  Agreed to prices on 2 new combines, a new big tractor and a loader tractor.  Traded 4wds.  The truck driver wasn’t home yet from delivering new stuff and picking up trade ins.  The shop was still installing wheel weights, loaders and fixing stuff.  Then, I went home.  I needed to

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Old School

Posted on September 12, 2013

     Athletes are better now than they ever were.  Maybe more good ones, but not as many great ones.  There isn’t a Bo Jackson, Barry Sanders or Herschel Walker playing right now.  (Well, maybe Peyton, Brady and Peterson)      Movies are better now than they used to be.  BS!!  They are now RE-making movies from the 70’s & 80’s and they can’t improve them.  They just have better graphic effects now.  Not necessarily

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Okie State Football

Posted on September 11, 2013

Oh, wow!! Sports Illustrated released part of an article “revealing” problems in the OSU football program.  Well hell!  I could have told you that.  Why?  Anytime that you have a non-traditional power start winning, there is a problem.  That and the fact that it goes on at EVERY program.   1–the Cash–So what?  Pay em.  Quit hiding behind limp laws and just pay them.  Sure, pay the good ones more than the bench warmers.  Heck,

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Posted on September 09, 2013

      Yes, I know, that you probably shouldn’t use tard as a word.  Nobody likes being called retarded, even though most of us have some kind of retardation. I can prove that I have retardation problems.  I have borderline social retardation problems coupled with the fact that I am highly capable of doing some highly retarded stuff on my own.         On the other side, there are people with actual

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Go ahead….Make my day!

Posted on September 07, 2013

     First of all, I would like to congratulate the Taylor family on a very unique 3peat.  These girls had the grand wether at the 2012 Ellis County Fair, then won the 2013 Ellis County Spring Stock Show and today, they won the 2013 Ellis County Fair.  Although not uncommon for a family to win 3 counties in a row, it is VERY uncommon for somebody to do it all 3 times, with the

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Posted on September 07, 2013

     I know that sometimes, I can sound like I despise a lot in life.  I also realize that I can be hard to take, at times, in real life or on here.  But then, you get to know me.  And you realize quickly that I am all about work hard and play hard.  It’s genetic, but I’m probably worse then the rest of them.  Help your neighbors.  When, it is all over for

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Irons in the fire & turds in the water.

Posted on September 06, 2013

     Too many irons in the fire.  That fits me right now.  Work has been crazy.  I can tell you this much for sure.  When running a business, it is better to hire too many people than not have enough.  If a quasi-qualified applicant comes in and wants a job, hire them.  You will need them sooner than you think.  If a good one comes in, make room for them.  Pay the good ones,

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Posted on September 05, 2013

     The word warranty probably should have been a four letter word.  I know that tire dealers absolutely despise a “road hazard” warranty.  Car dealers cringe at the word.  Ag equipment isn’t any better.  Livestock…well that’s a whole different deal.         Ag & car dealers lose money on warranty work.  It is just a fact of the industry.  But you have to do it.  Tire dealers….whew, well, some people shouldn’t be

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Best of the West

Posted on September 03, 2013

       How to sum up the weekend?  OUCH?!?!?  I’m too old for this crap.  But, dang it was fun. If you can’t do something and  have fun doing it, then why do it?   The sale was off-the-hook good.  I say this and my goats brought the average down.  But that is okay.  Tyke brought a  dang good set and they sold well–averaged real well.  They will be taking pictures next spring.  Joe

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