Thoughts from Kelln

Little Things

Posted on November 21, 2014

     It’s the little things that make things better.  It’s not that you won the lottery, it’s the little, forgotten fact that you actually BOUGHT a lottery ticket in the first place.  It’s not the fact that you bred a great one.  It’s the oft-forgotten fact that you happened to put the right sire with the right doe, almost 5 months before that future champion was born.  We often forget about the little things

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Posted on November 20, 2014

     I am very thankful to all that bought and bid on our does in the onine bred doe sale.  Thank you.  That sale shows the power of the internet—two are headed to Colorado, two to Texas, two to Kansas, one to Georgia and two stay in Oklahoma.  I hope to hear good reports out of the offspring of these females.        That sale did baffle as to why the two does

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Let me tell ya

Posted on November 18, 2014

      It can happen to any of us, at any moment.  That car crash that is a life altering event.  Last Thursday evening, our school superintendent was involved in a collision while out feeding cows.  Nobody was really speeding.  It was just one of those intersection collisions that happens in a remote location and neither party is used to seeing anybody else at that part of the world at the same time.  Unfortunately,

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Online Bred Doe Sale

Posted on November 16, 2014

     As most of you all know, I pay quite a bit of attention to other species.  I enjoy cattle and hogs.  Sheep, not so much.  But I still pay attention to what all species are doing.  And without a doubt, cattle, hogs and sheep breeders all have bred female sales.  These aren’t just junk that breeders are trying to get rid of–they are bonafide genetics, bred to popular sires.  They are an opportunity

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Posted on November 16, 2014

      Where would we be without it?  Maybe better off.  Probably not.  We are all attached to our phones, the internet, facebook, whatever.  All I know is that it is frustrating when something isn’t working.  I have been fighting this blog page server for almost 2 weeks.  For some reason, it is working tonight.  This afternoon, my iPhone wouldn’t work.  I tried shutting it down, recharging, everything except doing physical damage.  I loaded

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Posted on November 12, 2014

      About 8 weeks ago, our resident football player broke his wrist in practice.  Okay.  It happens.  Now, I am up to $3,000 in bills.  There was no surgery.  And I have insurance.  I thought that we had good insurance.  I’m pretty sure that a person is better off NOT having health insurance in today’s times.  I know that this is a small amount compared to people that have serious medical issues, but

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It’s here!

Posted on November 11, 2014

     They were right.  The artic front arrived right on time.  At 3:00 this afternoon, the pickup temp said that it was 90 degreess.  It felt like it.  I threw a hoodie into the pickup–just in case.  I went fifty miles southeast of paradise to Larry Moore’s to pick up a set of barrows that I bought online last week.  He made the comment, “I bet the weather changes before you get home.”  He

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Here it comes

Posted on November 10, 2014

Winter is on its way.  The weather experts have been calling for this artic front for a week.  WInd and sub-freezing temps for a week.  I spent yesterday evening draining water hoses and unhooking float valves on water tanks.  The wethers will be wearing multiple blankets.  The good thing about the upcoming cold….we should be rid of flies till next year.

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Lone Star

Posted on November 09, 2014

We came to the lone star elite jackpot. We like this show and still do, but we didn’t fare as well as years past. However, our crew is still leaving with a pile of cash as Scott Comstock won the $10,000 drawing. Good things come to great people. I couldn’t think of a better dude to win the cash. Our krew wasn’t shut out as Haley Schovanec had the res grand doe. We had become

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Friday Night in San Angelo

Posted on November 08, 2014

Schneberger is happy to be here and his wife says that “Jared should by supper at Outback for everybody.” Schoovy has his hat on backwards. Which means he is getting smarter. Duke and I are just wore out from washing and shearing his 4 wethers. Bill wants a drink that looks like tea. Lone Star Elite Jackpot is tomorrow. Big fun.

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