Thoughts from Kelln

Hall of Fame

Posted on January 07, 2015

     The major league baseball hall of fame elections were announced today.  There was discussion as to whether John Smoltz would get elected.  I thought he would and he did.  He was too good of a pitcher for too many years in various roles to not get elected.  I liked watching Smoltzy pitch.  But I really liked using him back in 1989-90 on the Nintendo game RBI 3.  He was unhittable.  I won several

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Posted on January 06, 2015

    Every ag teacher has their share of headaches.  But one that tops most lists is the Ag Farm.  The ag farm brings a whole list of problems.  Whose job is to keep it mowed?  Who builds the pens?  Who does the maintenance & fixes plumbing problems?  And the age old question of how do you keep people from borrowing\ stealing feed?     I have numerous thoughts and feelings about the good and

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Posted on January 04, 2015

     It was unusually  cold all week in Phoenix.  We came home to more cold.  Plain old Butt cold. Break ice, try to thaw out hydrants then bucket some water.  Make sure heat lamps are working.  If I ever move, its going to be some place with moderate temps and very little wind.   Costa Rica sounds nice.  There is a reason that I don’t live north of here.      Keep your critters

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Saturday Night

Posted on January 04, 2015

     We caught a snow here in paradise.  Big, white flakes of wet snow.  But, then it quit. We’ll take what we can get.  I’ve been getting caught up on my movie watching.  I’ve seen Guardians of the Galaxy, Tammy and Frozen.   All were really good.  I had heard so much about Frozen that my expectations were really high.  It was a great movie but it wasn’t the best Disney movie ever.  That

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Put a fork in it

Posted on January 01, 2015

2014–It’s done!  And for one, I am glad.  2014 brought a lot of changes to my little piece of paradise.   –We added a kidding barn.  Very wise investment. –The year started out dry.  We got small rains throughout the year.  And we end the year dry.   –I changed careers.  I left a lucrative career moving John Deere equipment and headed into business for myself.  I have fewer headaches and am not pissed off

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Laid Back

Posted on December 30, 2014

The Phoenix show is in the books. Now, we are kicked back in the motel lobby watching football and playing cards. Laid back. The goat show went well, real well. Bree won the light & middle divisions and ended up grand. Duke won a class. Chancery, Madison and Chesley all had seconds. All made the sale. We have ate real well. Brandon the Bruce allows that he has gained weight at this show. We even

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Posted on December 28, 2014

We made it to Phoenix, finally. The drive was fine until 50 miles north of Phoenix. Friday evening, I-17 southbound was closed for about 3 hours. With thousands of others, we just sat there, waiting. Finally, traffic began to move. We were the last trailer allowed to unload at the fairgrounds that night. As always, the hospitality at the ANLS is excellent. We ate the complimentary steak, bacon, sausage, eggs & biscuit breakfast this morning.

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Posted on December 23, 2014

     Saturday was a not-so-fun day around the Kelln Klan’s piece of paradise.  I was hooked up all day, sorting does, building pens, moving does and babies.  Duke was trying to work his barrows that will show at Phoenix next week.  It wasn’t a fun day working barrows.  Yorkie, the best one, was limping.  Couldn’t find anything wrong with him.  Then, Smoker, the big blue barrow was puking.  Afterwards, Duke took Poodle the Duroc

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Things I can do

Posted on December 20, 2014

      I’m not as good as some at a few things and better than most at some other stuff.  But one of the things that I can do is count.  After checking does about 1:30 AM, I knew that something was going on with tag 152.  At 2:20 AM, I decided I better investigate a little closer.  OB glove on, two fingers slid in, then a little farther…yep, there’s some feet.  Time to

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Posted on December 19, 2014

     Sometimes, the goat is an animal associated with the dark lord, satan.  I firmly believe that it is not just any goat but, specifically, a doe goat.  There is not a more evil, destructive animal than a doe goat.  Baby, pamper, provide them with excellent shelter, hay, feed, clean, fresh water and how do they repay you.  By crapping in their water, their feeders, destroying kidding pen panels, hitting kids that stick their

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