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Posted on March 3, 2016
      I do have the desire, but I don’t have the time to go in depth tonight on the Woodward District Livestock Show.  I just want to thank all those involved for putting on a top shelf show.  Excellent show, great facilties, elite judges and most importantly great kids with wicked good stock.  The quality of livestock and kids at this show is fun to watch.        Tip of the cap


Posted on March 2, 2016
Today was move in day for cattle at Woodward.  Typcial cattle show–get there early, wait a couple of hours, unload a pile of equipment, build stalls then bring in the calves.  It is staggering to think about the amount of $s spent on wood pellets, cedar fiber and wood chips for the stock show industry.   Anyways–While building stalls, one of our families were working on packing bedding.  Several of the kids, parents and even

Woodward District Livestock Show

Posted on March 1, 2016
      I haven’t been on here much for the past week.  We have been showing at the Woodward District Show.  This has turned into the preeminent district stock show in Oklahoma.  Start with base stock of Woodward has built one of the very best fairgrounds in this part of the world.  Then they went out and hired the perfect guy to be the fairgrounds manager.  Then, you get a livestock legend like Larry

Local/County Stock Shows

Posted on February 23, 2016
       The local or county stock show is one of those things that can drive a person nuts.  To some, it is a goal to win a local or county show.  I have to remind myself of this when dealing with kids.  Some have different goals than others.  I understand.  And at times, I forget this fact.   We just survived the Ellis County Stock Show.  Four species plus all of the showmanships

That time again

Posted on February 22, 2016
       A year ago, several people got butt hurt about a blog post that I wrote that involved local and county shows.  Of course, I also got LOTS of texts, calls and emails agreeing with the post.         Now, it is that time again.  I am not trying to offend anybody but this reiterates a point.  Some people in the industry are upset because an animal didn’t make the minimum

Show Season is here

Posted on February 18, 2016
      The Okie and Texas show seasons are now in full swing.  Oklahoma has had a couple of district shows and the county shows are going on.  I wanted to head to San Antonio but I just couldn’t make it work.  So, I made it to the SW District show in Chickasha.  I hadn’t been to this show before.  Glad I went.  The top end of the wethers and does was wicked good.


Posted on February 17, 2016
Tuesday evening on the 16th day of February 2016.   There are decisions to be made.  I want/need to head south.   The weather may be too nice for this time of year.   I need to decide what I can do and shouldn’t do.   The Okie Coalition auction is taking place.  I have already donated.  My partners have donated.  Do I need to buy stuff?  Decisions to be made.   I bought stuff.

Swamped with SHEEP!?!

Posted on February 15, 2016
       The schedule has gotten completely bogged down.  I am normally a fairly organized person, but the first 2 weeks of February can make somebody get old, fat and gray haired.  Between all of the state office PILES of deadlines, Woodward entries, OYE entries and trying to get stock right, things get hectic.  Now, throw in trying to keep up with personal crap and $H!#!  A person can end up swamped.    

Best National Anthem rendition….EVER!

Posted on February 12, 2016
       Many people have been taking up facebook, texts, news space and other form of social media as they gush about how good lady gaga did performing the National Anthem before the super bowl.  I even mentioned that I thought that she did a good job.   Let’s review this deal.  Personally, I think that she sang our National Anthem straight forward and like it is supposed to be sung.  She obviously has

Super Sunday

Posted on February 7, 2016
      The weather was supposed to be super here in paradsise on this Sunday.  The sun shined, but the wind is howling.  The wind wasn’t supposed to crank it up until Monday.  Hopefully, this means that it will quit early.   I watched a 30 for 30 on espn when I got home from mass.  It was about the ’85 Bears.  These 30 for 30 shows are very well done.  I really enjoyed