Thoughts from Kelln


Posted on July 08, 2015

Funniest Of All Time I like to laugh.  And in the goat business, you better be able to laugh as bad weather, bad luck or just the goats themselves will make you need a laugh. Bill Cosby– I wasn’t very old when I saw the Bill Cosby Himself special.  It was killer funny then and has stood up to the test of time.  Regardless of his current issues, that dude was all time classic funny.

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Not since…

Posted on July 07, 2015

at leat ’86 or ’87.  I don’t remember for sure.  I hated picking this crap out of Dad’s garden when I was a kid.  The plants were spiny and would almost stick you.  Not like a sandbur, but just enought that it would piss you off if you didn’t have gloves on.  I tried eating it back in the 80s and hated it.  Fried, pickled, whatever, it didn’t matter, this crap was a weed and

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Road Weary

Posted on July 06, 2015

    I am a little bit (LOT) road weary.  We’ve covered some miles the past 6 weeks.  But without a doubt, the worst miles have been this past week.  I have had to make the trek from Shattuck to Camp Tulakogee three times this past week.  It has been a HUGE PITA! (Pain In The Ass).        One of the very best things that the Oklahoma FFA does is the Alumni Camp.

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Posted on July 04, 2015

     It is hard to come up with something everyday to write about.  Don’t get me wrong, I have opinions everyday, but some I have to leave alone.  Some stories just don’t need posting and even though I do know the general locale of where my daughter is at this present time, I cannot and will not write about it.  Trust me though, it’s cool.  Real cool.        However, I have and

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Again…I bet

Posted on July 02, 2015

       One of my favorite things about this blog is when people are talking to me and say, “I don’t look at your blog very often, but this one time…..”   Oh BS!   This deal is like watching a wreck.  You know it’s going to happen.  Once you start, you check back on a regular basis, hoping for that big wreck.  I will bet that you check this blog and others like

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I bet

Posted on June 30, 2015

     Yep, I am not afraid to bet.  I’ve lost some, but I’ve won more.  I don’t like betting on a video machine in a casino.  Craps table, okay.  Horse racing, you bet.  Buying stock show animals–all in.  But, I have been wrong.  And I will be again.      I did make a wager on this fine evening and I bet that I am right.  I will let you know by next week

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Wore smooth out but….

Posted on June 29, 2015

Cheers to all.  What a weekend!  First of all, I am glad to finally be back home on this fine Sunday evening.  Duke and I made a mile or two on Saturday.  Hit all three sales and made it home to unload stuff.  Then I left again this morning to haul kids to the Far East part of Oklahoma in order to take kids to Alumni Camp.  And yes, I did stop and dip for

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Posted on June 27, 2015

         Yep, that is the term that I am dealing with on this fine Friday evening.  The trailer is loaded–tack, feed, water buckets, 2 bucks to go on lease, wethers from other breeders to be delivered–everything except the 5 wethers that I am selling at Norman on Saturday at noon.  They will get loaded butt-ass early on Saturday, then we will roll.  And I smell.  Like a 44 year old guy that

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Big Sales Weekend

Posted on June 26, 2015

     This is the biggest goat sales weekend in Oklahoma.  It starts Saturday at Noon in Norman, OK.  Helms, Ralph Shafer, Cramblet and myself will be selling at noon.  There will be a killer set of wethers and a really nice set of does.  I’m taking 5 wethers–4 Rumours and 1 Dirt.  I like all 5 of them.  I think all 5 are premium sale quality with a couple of them having a chance

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Not my writing!

Posted on June 25, 2015

The following is not my writing.  This has been on facebook and every time I read it, well, I laugh like I am in grade school and chocolate milk comes out of my nose.  I love it.  If you have facebook, then search Best Craigslist ad ever.  They ain’t lying.  Here you go.   “For sale: one early 80’s Craftsman riding lawn mower with an 11 horse power engine and 30? mowing deck. Bottom line, this

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